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Cutthroat Caverns

Cutthroat Caverns by Smirk & Dagger
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Manufacturer: Smirk & Dagger  Visit their site
Designer: Curt Covert
Players: 3 to 6
Time: 90 Minutes
Categories: Card Game
Mechanics: Simultaneous Action Selection
Ages: 12 and up
Availability: Unavailable 
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Our Price:  $21.95 - Retail $34.95
Reward Points: 2,195
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From the Publisher...

Genre-bending. Dice-less. The totally immersive feel of a RPG in a simple, elegant card game.

A perfect balance of cooperative gameplay and back-stabbing goodness.

An artifact of untold power lies in your hands. To claim it, you must escape the caverns alive. No less than nine horrific beasts stand in your way – that, and the greed of the other players.

In this game of kill-stealing, you decide whether to swing for a whopping 50 points of damage – or hold back, awaiting a more opportune time to strike. Only the final blow matters if you are to score the kill. Hold back or sabotage other’s plans too much – and the entire party will die, without a winner.

Okay, that's what it says on the box... what's it really like? Cutthroat Caverns is truly unique. While most definitely a highly interactive card game and very easy to play, it requires the strategic thinking of a board game. And, for some uncanny reason, the game will make you FEEL like you are in the middle of a classic dungeon crawl, even though table talk is about as much roleplaying as you are likely to do. That all said, it has proven to have a very broad appeal with gamers across several genres.

The real joy is the delicate balance between helping the party (and staying alive) vs working towards your own selfish goals (and risking the welfare of everyone). There are no dice. Each Turn, you will choose how much damage you are willing to do to the monster- or won't do - as you jockey for position to land the killing blow. And when characters can make that kind of decision, things get very funny & very deadly - very quickly.

With 25 encounters, all requiring a different group strategy and seperate individual strategy, game play is always challenging. Only 9 random encounters will be used in any game, so the experience is always different. Plus, the first expansion is already complete with 15 new, tougher encounters and a whole new 'character enhancing' game mechanic to keep people coming back.

Read more information at the Board Game Geek website

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The text on the box is really true - you do need cooperation to succeed, but you also have to betray the other players. Great with people who are used to roleplaying games.

Ken B.
Perhaps one of the best games to ever be published by an indie company, Cutthroat Caverns is a great mix of co-operation and backstabbing. Players band together to take on ever-increasingly challenging monsters, but watch out--only one of you can win, and only those who strike the killing blow will get the points. It's a blast waiting for one of your "teammates" to try and land the finishing sword stroke, only for you to play a "Trip" and take the glory for yourself. If you're at all a fan of this genre of game, you owe it to yourself to buy this immediately.

It's always a crowd pleaser. Many times someone will be on the brink of landing the killing blow only to have it snatched away by his fellow fighters. A good mix of cooperation and deceit that brings out a lot of laughs and 'take that!'. Looking forward to getting the expansions.

Every play a Massively Multiplayer Online game? Ever go on a raid, spending hours killing bosses only to end up iwth nothing? Ever wich you could cause another player to trip or miss an opportunity that could win them the fight? Then Cutthorat Caverns is for you. Because you get to do just that... make another player miss his/her chance to get the kill and take it for yourself. cooperation is a means to an end; but, like Highlander, there can be only one.

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