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Saboteur by Z-Man Games, Inc.
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Manufacturer: Z-Man Games, Inc.  Visit their site
Designer: Frederic Moyersoen
Players: 3 to 10
Time: 30 Minutes
Availability: Unavailable 
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Our Price:  $10.45 - Retail $14.99
Reward Points: 1,045
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From the Publisher...

You are dwarves digging for gold in the depths of a mine when suddenly, the pick-axe breaks, and the lantern goes out. The saboteur has struck again! But who is the saboteur and will he (or they!) stop you from reaching the treasure? If you succeed gold awaits you. If you don't, then to the victor goes the spoils. Whoever has the most gold nuggets after three rounds is the winner.

3-10 player path-laying card game where each player has a role and no one knows for sure what that role that is. Playing time: 30 minutes.

110 cards

Read more information at the Board Game Geek website

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This is an awesomely fun game. A game where you are supposed to fib to the fellow gamers is brilliant. Even if you have a great poker face you still can't stop from laughing.

Mr Waiguoren
The fact that you don't know how many saboteurs are in the group creates a tense atmosphere in this semi-cooperative game. And even among the gold diggers, there is competition to be the one who digs the final tunnel that will strike gold. A great, fast, easy to teach game for almost anyone.

Bryan O'Connell
There is no better game out there to introduce to your non-gaming friends and family than Saboteur. It's the game that got me hooked. My mom even bought a copy for herself! It's an amazing light weight game that gets everyone laughing (and accusing each other of sabotage!). This can be played as a party game since it supports up to 10 people!! Just remember to work cooperatively or no one gets to the gold! Enjoy!

This is a great group game. You have to choose when to reveal whether you are a miner or a saboteur. Over several rounds you have to try and keep your poker face to get yourself ahead. It is a team game but you still want to be first on your team. Great bluffing fun!

Great game for parties or larger game groups - light, quick, yet enough meat to be quite fun.

Saboteur provides a lot of gameplay in a small package. I love the way the cards are used both to determine actions, but also to build an actual board - it feels very much like a board game but is priced as a card game! The game is fun and easy to get into, and it has pretty much replaced Bang! as our primary "game with hidden identities".

Over the years, I've come to appreciate card games more and more. Maybe because they take up so little space or because they tend to be relatively cheap. Or maybe because they have developed into so much more than standard trick-taking or climbing games. Saboteur is a great example of what I like to call a modern card game. It has theme, a board (kind of), roles and action cards - and it all works together perfectly.

This game is awesome and so much fun! I'm new to games and played this with a group of 9 and I think all of us enjoyed us. It does take a lot of space but you're basically using cards to build mazes with turns (and blocks)most players are miners trying to get to the gold at the top(3 cards are upside down and one is gold) an the saboteurs(depending on number of players 1-3 I think - we had 3 in all 3 rounds but could have had 2 with an extra miner) special cards let you peek under one of the cards and other cards let you sabotage a miner or sabateur and also fix them(broken lattern, broken cart, etc) was simple to learn and fun to play

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