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TATATA! by Angelo Porazzi
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Manufacturer: Angelo Porazzi  Visit their site
Designer: Angelo Porazzi
Players: 2 to 8
Time: 30 Minutes
Categories: Memory
Mechanics: Pick-up and Deliver
Modular Board
Availability: Unavailable 
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Our Price:  $6.95
Reward Points: 695
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From the Publisher...

"Dogfighting Races for crazy pilots"

TATATA! is a simple, funny, complete card game that allows 8 crazy pilots to fly for victory in a "dogfighting race" where many weapons and strange tools may be found in the cards that form the circuit in the sky.

Memorize the circuit due the race is on 3 laps, stop in the good cards, avoid the bad ones and mostly avoid to stop in front of the guns of another plane or it will TATATA! you!

Basic Rules are good also for younger gamers and childs, Complete Rules allow to use one of the 4 numbers at your choice on each Deck Card. Choose how many cards play with the "Action" value, then Move, Fly, Loop and... TATATA!

TATATA! complete card game for 2-8 pilots, simply funny and with high interaction among players. Double text Italian english on each card, English rules included.

TATATA! complete card game for 2-8 pilots, simply funny and with high interaction among players. Double text Italian english on each card, English rules included.

84 pre cut professional cards
8 Airplane Cards (2 are black and white to create your own planes)
8 Base Cards (2 are black and white to be coloured like your planes )
30 Sky Cards (2 of them my be "designed" by you)
36 Deck Cards
2 Sponsor Cards
1 Rulesheet

Cards are of professional quality. Rules are splitted in Basic Rules, good also for families and children

Read more information at the Board Game Geek website

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Rick Partin

A very fun, lightweight racing game in which players set up cards to constitute a race course, around which they race for 3 laps. Players can choose how many cards to play to create courses of varying lengths. Along the way they can play cards to cause certain "problems" for their opponents, such as shooting missiles at them or even upchucking on a trailing plane. The game features a small-card format, similar to Mr. Porazzi's "Wrestangel," with similar mechanics and rules that should feel familiar to anyone who has played the latter game. So, it's easy and fun to play, but offers various decisions players can make to influence the outcome. I'm sure it's better with more players, as with more people, various tactics can be used to mess up one's fellow players, and the action gets hotter and more frantic at times. Bottom line, "TaTaTa" has the characterstic 'fun factor' that all of Porazzi's games have. My 10-year-old son rated it an "8" on a 10-scale. Adults and older kids alike can appreciate the humor of the artwork and planes' special abilities. Due to the small format of the cards and the lightweight nature of this game, it's also a nice 'travel' game, In short, "TaTaTa" is portable, fun, and quick to play--and, the more, the merrier.

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