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Access Denied

Access Denied by Interformic Games
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Manufacturer: Interformic Games  Visit their site
Designer: Greg Turner
Players: 3 to 6
Time: 90 Minutes
Game Type: Card Game
Categories: Card Game
Ages: 13 and up
Availability: Unavailable 
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Our Price:  $9.25
Reward Points: 925
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From the Publisher...

Access Denied is a computer hacking card game for 3 to 6 players.  Each player controls and defends one sector of the Net while attempting to gain access to other sectors.  You don't need a computer to play Access Denied!

There are 63 cards, each with an action and a code.  You can play a card for its action or use its code to try to hack into a sector.  Each sector has 3 access levels: User, Oper, and Root.  As you gain more and higher access levels, you can draw and hold more cards and take more actions.  The first player to attain Root access to 3 different sectors wins the game.

Our Comments...

Access Denied at a Glance:

Rules Complexity:  SimpleComplex

"Rules are simple, but card interaction needs some interpretation."

Luck/Skill: LuckSkill

"This is a "chaos" game like Wiz-War and Castle. Card effects have a big impact."

Gameplay:  Lots of laughsLots of thought

"Best played with heavy dose cybergeek speak."

Overall rating:  PoorOutstanding

"Grows on you, but it needs several playings. Many good, unique ideas."

What type of players will like this game?

I work in IT for a high tech company. The theme is very appealing to me on face value. Bottom line, this game is Clue meets the "chaos" games of Tom Jolly/Bruno Faidutti. It can be quite fun in the right frame of mind.

The review:


This is the second game I've played from Interformic Games. I've also played and enjoyed Gro:Battle for the Petri Dish, a very enjoyable abstract strategy game. Access Denied is a hacking game for 3 to 6 players. The goal is to be the first player to attain Root access to three different player-controlled sectors. Each player controls and protects one sector (Banking, Government, Micronopoly, NewsMedia, TeleComm, and Universities) of the Net. Hacking, which is accomplished by correctly guessing the all or part of a three letter code of your opponent, adds a level of cloak-and-dagger. Cards like Anti-Virus, Counter-Virus, Software Update, Packet Sniffer and WinZap, add to the flavor as well. 

Game overview

This is a game in the Cheapass tradition. It comes packaged in a zip-lock baggie. Cards and boards are printed on heavy card stock. But Interfomic goes a step beyond and includes all the plastic chips you need to play.

In the baggie, you'll find:

  • 63 unique playing cards (Each has a code letter, a type--when and how it's played, and an action. For example: "Firewall-Play when someone attempts to improve access to the sector you control. Keep all the cards that a player handed you and deny improved access to your sector even if the player handed you the correct codes.")
  • 6 sector cards (Banking, Government, Micronopoly, NewsMedia, TeleComm, and Universities - each has a special power if you have sole root access)
  • 2 help cards
  • 1 guessing checklist (need to be photocopied)
  • 36 plastic chips in 6 colors
  • 1 rules booklet

Brief Summary of Rules

Each of the 6 sector has 3 access levels: User, Oper, and Root. You are trying to gain Root access into three different player-owned sectors first. There are 63 cards, each with a type, an action and a code.  Playing these cards are the main part of the game. The fist step you take is to establish a 3 letter code which the others are trying to Hack. There are action cards that let you change this code during the game which throw off all your opponents. You play three cards to crack the code of another player's control code. You hand the cards to your opponent and he/she returns cards that match their code. If there is one match you gain User access, two Oper access, and match all three for Root access. But you must establish User access before Operator access and Operator

Read more information at the Board Game Geek website

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