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Descent: The Well Of Darkness Expansion

Descent: The Well Of Darkness Expansion by Fantasy Flight Games
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Manufacturer: Fantasy Flight Games  Visit their site
Designer: Kevin Wilson
Players: 2 to 5
Time: 120 Minutes
Categories: Fantasy
Mechanics: Modular Board
Co-operative Play
Dice Rolling
Availability: Unavailable 
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Our Price:  $33.95 - Retail $49.95
Reward Points: 3,395
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From the Publisher...

An ancient threat rears its head once more ...

Deep in the bowels of the world, there lies a chasm that was sealed over a millenium ago. Within it lies a force of evil so great that, were it to be unleashed, it would plunge the world into a thousand years of darkness.

Before you can face that challenge, however, you'll battle your way through dank tunnels, trapped temples, and even volcanoes to prove your worth. You'll face a host of new tricks, traps, and other lethal obstacles over the course of your quest, including scything blades, rolling boulders, and boiling hot lava.

Descent: the Well of Darkness features six new heroes, tricky kobolds, bloodsucking ferrox, and unstoppable golems. Heroes will find more skill and treasures at their disposal, including six new relics and a new type of potion. The Overlord, on the other hand, gains the ability to customize his deck before every game, putting in devastating new trap, event, and spawn cards.

Descent: the Well of Darkness includes:
Over 30 plastic models, including 3 new monster types and six new heroes!
New traps, including scything blades, dart fields, lightning bolts, and the dreaded giant boulder!
New hero abilities of all sorts, including a new familiar!
Brand new quests, more dangerous than can be believed!
Six new relics!
A new type of potion!
New customizable Overlord deck rules make the evil more treacherous than ever before!
New treasures!
More dungeon tiles make for even larger dungeons!
Nine new quests with never-before-seen peril!

Read more information at the Board Game Geek website

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Kyle Rieman

Adds a lot of interesting traps and new aspects for the overlord. I would recommend this expansion to buy first to add some of the better heroes in the game as well as change up the overlords abilities a bit more.

Ken B.
If you're only going to get one Descent expansion, this is the one. With ways for the Overlord to now customize his deck, along with new monsters, heroes, and quests, this will more than double your enjoyment of the base game.

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