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Leonardo daVinci

Leonardo daVinci by Mayfair Games / DaVinci
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Manufacturer: Mayfair Games / DaVinci  Visit their site
Players: 2 to 5
Time: 60 to 90 Minutes
Categories: Renaissance
Mechanics: Hand Management
Card Drafting
Ages: 10 and up
Availability: Unavailable 
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Our Price:  $25.95 - Retail $29.99
Reward Points: 2,595
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From the Publisher...

In Leonardo Da Vinci, you are an ingenious renaissance inventor in 15th century city of Florence. Construct amazing machines for the lord of the city. Become a protagonist of this age of unbelievable discoveries, by building your inventions!

Can you marshal your workers in the most advantageous laboratories, workshops, and in palace plots? Only the best can compete with the great Leonardo!

Compete to be known as the most ingenious inventor. The lord of the city gives rewards for the rapid completion of a project. The player with the most Florins at the end will be crowned winner by Leonardo Da Vinci!

the men
5 master (1 for each color)
45 apprentices (9 per each color)
10 Laboratories: five with 3/5 spaces and five with 4/6 spaces
10 Work counters.
the board: the city
15 mechanical men
25 inventions
60 Components cards: 12 Iron, 12 Wood, 12 Rope, 12 Brick, 12 Glass
60 Florin cards: 25 "1", 10 "5", 10 "10", 10 "20", plus 5 "0"
1 Turn marker
1 Money marker
1 Lord of the City with base
4 "invention marker" arrows
2 summary tables

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This game is a combination worker placement and set collection. The components are top notch, and the artwork is a good match to the theme. I have enjoyed this game everytime I have played it.

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