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Panzer Grenadier South Africa's War

Panzer Grenadier South Africa's War by Avalanche Press, Ltd.
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Manufacturer: Avalanche Press, Ltd.  Visit their site
Players: 2
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Our Price:  $11.15 - Retail $17.99
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From the Publisher...

The Union of South Africa entered World War II with some reluctance — three days of debate raged before Great War hero Jan C. Smuts split the ruling Union Party to force a declaration of war. South African forces fought in the conquest of Italian East Africa, and in the campaigns in Egypt and Libya.

South Africa’s War is a supplement to the Panzer Grenadier series, focused on the battles of South African forces in Somaliland, Ethiopia, Egypt and Libya between 1940 and 1942. Two South African divisions saw action during these campaigns, seeing some of the war’s fiercest actions at the Juba crossings, Gazala, Operation Crusader and of course Tobruk. And in the vanguard of the Allied armored advances rolled the justly-famed South African armored car regiments. This module is not playable by itself, but requires ownership of Desert Rats and Afrika Korps to enjoy all of the scenarios.

South Africa’s War includes 88 die-cut and mounted playing pieces. All of them represent South African forces: tanks, armored cars, infantry, machine gun, mortar, anti-tank, artillery and of course leaders.

Each scenario is fully laid out on its own scenario card rather than the booklet used in most of our games, the same format as our very popular Red Warriors and Blue Division supplements

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