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Tannhauser Board Game (includes revised rules)

Tannhauser Board Game (includes revised rules) by Fantasy Flight Games
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Manufacturer: Fantasy Flight Games  Visit their site
Designer: William Grosselin
Didier Poli
Players: 2 to 10
Time: 60 Minutes
Categories: Horror
World War II
World War I
Mechanics: Variable Player Powers
Dice Rolling
Ages: 11 and up
Availability: Unavailable 
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Our Price:  $47.00 - Retail $69.95
Reward Points: 4,700
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From the Publisher...

TANNHÄUSER is the base game in the TANNHÄUSER series. It features the men and women of the 42nd Marine Special Forces, led by John Mac Neal, and the mysterious and deadly Obscura Korps of the Reich locked in a struggle to recover the Obscura Cardinal Stones.

This box of TANNHÄUSER includes everything required for two to ten players to begin playing in the u-chronic TANNHÄUSER universe.

TANNHÄUSER includes:
1 rulebook
double-sided map boards, designed for use with the Pathfinding system
10 finely detailed pre-painted miniatures
10 illustrated character sheets
2 ten-sided dice
162 game counters

Mac? can you hea - zzzzawwwrk ... me? Stand by to begin trans-zzzt-mission.

It is now 1949 and the Great War has never ended. Over the last 35 years, neither the Union nor the Reich has succeeded in tipping the precarious balance of power far enough to claim victory. But darker allies are being awoken and ancient rules of warfare, long forgotten, are about to be brought onto the battlefield. In the heart of Central Europe, secular crypts, hiding the Obscura Cardinal Cornerstones, have just been discovered

Immerse yourself in the mystical u-chronic world of Tannhäuser. Take command of the brave men and women of the Army of the Union, or plumb the forbidden secrets of the darker mysteries in the name of the Reich. Live the story of TANNHÄUSER.

The end is near, and this is just the beginning ...

Tannhäuser is a tactical board game of paranormal investigations and Great War combat, pitting the forces of the Reich and the Army of the Union together in a struggle for control of the Obscura Cardinal Cornerstones, magical artifacts of immense power.

2-10 players command two teams of five characters, both Heroes and Troops. Since there are up to ten characters on the battlefield at any given time, up to ten players can take part!

The Obscura Korps and the men and women of Operation: Tannhäuser battle for supremacy in each game of Tannhäuser. According to the Game Mode selected by the players, the carefully-selected and equipped members of each team will strive to accomplish various objectives on the game map, guided by the ubiquitous Pathfinding system.

Tannhäuser uses an innovative new system for tracking movement and line of sight called Pathfinding. Each area on the game board is represented by a circle, and each circle possesses one or more colors which will indicate which Path (or Paths) the circle is on. Circles that share colors and are on the same Path have line of sight to one another.

Each team is comprised of a mixture of five Heroes and Troops, characters with unique and varied abilities, statistics, and equipment options. Players have the ability to select which pieces of equipment, special skills, and commendations to award each character when they select their team for a given battle, so each individual character may play dramatically differently each time it is brought to the field.

Heroes and Troops function identically in most respects. The most notable exception is that fallen Troops can be replaced by reinforcements, depending on the Game Mode selected by you and your opponent. When a Hero falls, that Hero's story is over.

Players will take it in turn to activate a character on their team, alternating until all characters have gone. On its activation, each character can move a number of circles equal to its speed and also take a single Action Phase, during which time the character can perform various actions such as picking up dropped equipment, searching a crate, completing a nearby objective, or, of course, attacking an enemy.

To resolve most actions, such as attacks, characters will roll ten-sided dice (d10s) equal to their corresponding value in the appropriate characteristic. Each die that rolls equal to or greater than a given difficulty value is a success; each die that fails to do so is a failure and is ignored. In contests, the defender will also roll his own die pool - whichever character scores the most successes is the winner of the contest.

In the case of an attack roll, the attacker rolls dice equal to his Combat value with a difficulty score equal to the Combat value of his target. The defender, meanwhile, makes a Shock roll by throwing dice equal to his Stamina value, with a difficulty score equal to the attacker's Combat value. Each success scored on the Shock roll eliminates one success scored on the Combat roll. The defender would suffer one wound for each success remaining.

The requirements for winning each game are based on the Game Mode selected. For example, Death Match Mode awards victory to the last team with any characters still standing. Story Mode, on the other hand, places various objectives that must be completed on the game map. The first team to complete both their Main Objectives, or one Main Objective and two Secondary Objectives, is the winner of that match.

With a variety of options for customizing each team (and options that will grow only wider with the addition of new expansions in the Tannhäuser line), four Game Modes, and endless possibilities, Tannhäuser is a compulsively replayable game experience.

Read more information at the Board Game Geek website

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Greg Hodur

the reason i love this game is its simplicity of play, combined with the customization of the characters. the pathfinding system is genius. no more strings or templates to determine line of sight. the added individual figures add a whole nother element to game play, and is a regular in my group.

This is a relatively pricey and counter-intuitive game to get into, but once you do it's absolutely worth it! The only downsides to the base game are not including more options, but they've thankfully complimented the original game with an entirely new army (Soviet) and many additional small additions. The goal is to play a game in the suggested 60 minute time frame... once you can do that, you really enjoy things and come back many times. Great system, and one of the best themes I've ever enjoyed in a board game!

Ken B.
Mixing a cool new line-of-sight system with a Hellboy-inspired theme of World War soldiers against the occult, Tannhauser is a fun romp obviously taking cues from popular First-Person Shooter games. The pre-painted minis are gorgeous, and the combat is fast and lethal.

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