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Advanced Squad Leader (ASL) Journal #7

Advanced Squad Leader (ASL) Journal #7 by Multi-Man Publishing (MMP)
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Manufacturer: Multi-Man Publishing (MMP)  Visit their site
Players: 2
Time: 180 Minutes
Ages: 12 and up
Availability: Unavailable 
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Our Price:  $18.95
Reward Points: 1,895
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From the Publisher...

The seventh MMP magazine dedicated to the greatest tactical board wargame, the ASL Journal #7 is 48 pages with 12 scenarios, and a new 8"x22" geomorphic mapboard for Advanced Squad Leader (board "v").

What is "board v"? We have recently changed our map style from hardback mounted (like the original Squad Leader maps) to a lightweight mounted map (that we use in our ASL Starter Kits). Realizing everyone may not be aware of the change, we decided to put a map (which will be in ASL Starter Kit #3) into the magazine to "show it off" to more ASLers. We included a scenario which uses the board, Marders not Martyrs. This map will be used in the Starter Kit games, but is also fully compatible with ASL. Look for it, and future, Starter Kit maps to be used in ASL scenarios.

Journal #7 contains articles on:
The Blue Devils - Croation Parachute Battalion
Commissar's Dialectic
Got OVHS? Got Milk Scenario Review
Hungry, Hungry, HIPpies
The British in WWII (part 2 of 2)
Feline Off-Board Artillery (FOBA)

122 Extracurricular Activites - 5.5 turns, 1944 Hungary
J102 The Yelnya Bridge - 4.5 turns, 1941 Russia
J103 Lenin's Sons - 6.5 turns, 1941 Russia
J104 Flanking Flamethrowers - 6.5 turns, 1941 Russia
J105 Borodino Train Station - 5.5 turns, 1941 Russia
J106 Marders not Martyrs - 5.5 turns, 1942 Russia
J107 Operations Schwartz - 6.5 turns, 1943 Croatia
J108 Danica Air - 5.5 turns, 1943 Croatia
J109 Break for Hungary - 6.5 turns, 1943 Croatia
J110 Prelude to Spring - 8 turns, 1944 Hungary
J111 Prussia in Flames - 8 turns, 1945 East Prussia
J112 Prelude to Dying - 7.5 turns, 1945 Slovenia

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