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Duel In The Dark (2nd Edition)

Duel In The Dark (2nd Edition) by Z-Man Games, Inc.
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Manufacturer: Z-Man Games, Inc.  Visit their site
Designer: Friedemann de Pedro
Players: 1 to 2
Time: 30 to 45 Minutes
Categories: Wargame
World War II
Mechanics: Secret Unit Deployment
Ages: 10 and up
Availability: Unavailable 
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Our Price:  $40.95 - Retail $59.99
Reward Points: 4,095
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  *** Important Information ***>
This is the 2nd edition which includes the first 9 expansions

1 British searchlight (ground defense object)
1 British 3.7-Inch QF (ground defense object)
1 Railroad Flak 12.8 cm (ground defense object)
1 Skilled Gun crew (special medals)
1 Acoustic Mirror (ground defense object)
1 Quad Flak 2 cm (ground defense object)
1 Ju88 “night fighter” (new plane with fuel gauge and observer badge)
1 3-5 player variant
1 The Walls Have Ears (includes target city tokens)

Please note it does NOT include the expansions Baby Blitz, Early Nights, or Wasserwerk 1 St.Pol

From the Publisher...

*This is the 2nd edition which includes the first 9 expansions*

World War 2 air combat game depicting the nighttime air raids of British bombers hitting German cities.

As the head of the British Bomber Command, you plan the attacks on Germany in order to undermine the morale of the civilian population. Or as a General of the German Air Force (Luftwaffe), you defend using your ace squadrons and organizing an effective civil defense.

The gameboard enables you to set up countless variations of these historic events. You play as many nights as you wish - each night takes 30-45 minutes to resolve.

Gameplay allows for easy entry into the action with some advanced rules for the hearty wargamer. The game rules include weather conditions, full moon/new moon bonuses and penalties, clouds and thunderclouds, fog, flak, searchlights, balloon barriers, target markers, and much more.

The British player secretly plots the course of the bomber while the Mosquito acts as escort or decoy. The German player tries to figure out where the bomber is going, making sure to efficiently use the fuel to get as many hits on the bomber as possible.

28-page instruction booklet, 4-page expansion booklet, 1 game board, 11 Target City Markers, 1 Score Chart, 2 Victory Point reference cards, 7 aircraft holders, 7 airplanes (cardboard), 5 fuel indicators, 32 compass cards, 21 weather cards, 21 cloud and thunderstorm elements and holders, 4 fog fields, 46 ground defense resources, 19 medals, 8 tarket/bomb markes, 8 markers (wood)

Read more information at the Board Game Geek website

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