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Neuroshima Hex

Neuroshima Hex by Z-Man Games, Inc.
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Manufacturer: Z-Man Games, Inc.  Visit their site
Designer: Michal Oracz
Players: 2 to 4
Time: 30 Minutes
Categories: Abstract Strategy
Science Fiction
Mechanics: Tile Placement
Variable Player Powers
Hand Management
Ages: 10 and up
Availability: Unavailable 
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Our Price:  $32.95 - Retail $49.99
Reward Points: 3,295
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From the Publisher...

Neuroshima HEX is a game of tactics, where armies wage continuous battles against each other. It is based on a roleplaying game called Neuroshima RPG published by Portal in 2001. While being familiar with the RPG is not necessary, the players will find it easier to identify with their armies if they have read or played the game.

The world of Neuroshima RPG is that of a post-apocalypse world torn apart by a war between humans and machines. The remains of humanity took shelter in the ruins of cities and organized in small communities, gangs and armies. Conflicts between such groups are not uncommon and the reasons of such are numerous: territory, food or equipment. What is more, the ruined cities are constantly patrolled by machines sent from the north, where a vast cybernetic entity, called MOLOCH, appeared. Great wastelands that surround what was left of the greatest cities are home to another enemy - Borgo - a charismatic leader who controls an army of gruesome mutants. One of the last hopes of humanity is the OUTPOST, a perfectly organized army which wages a guerilla war against MOLOCH. Nevertheless, most human settlements, including the HEGEMONY, are not concerned with war until it comes banging at their door. Such is the world of Neuroshima.

Contents: 140 army tiles, 4 mercenray tiles, 1 Mad Bomber promo tile, board, 4 army reference cards, 16 wound tokens, 8 HQ damage tokens, rules

No. of players: 2-4
Ages: 10+
Playing time: 30 minutes

Read more information at the Board Game Geek website

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A.J. Sansom

Incredibly deep, yet fast-paced game that requires you to do a fair amount of thinking into the future. Very neat action-consequence game!

This is a great wargame that plays very differently than any other game I've tried. There is a chess-like element to the game in that you are always trying to think ahead and see which pieces can protect each other and try to predict how a battle will play out. You always feel that you are in control - almost. Because there is always one more element you hadn't considered or one modifier you didn't take into account. In short, it is a unique and great experience for anyone who like lots of confrontation in their games.

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