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ASL Action Pack #5 - East Front

ASL Action Pack #5 - East Front by Multi-Man Publishing
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Manufacturer: Multi-Man Publishing  Visit their site
Designer: Chas Argent
Categories: Wargame
Expansion for Base-game
World War II
Mechanics: Hex and Counter
Availability: Unavailable 
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Our Price:  $24.45 - Retail $30.00
Reward Points: 2,445
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  *** Important Information ***>
*must have base game to utilize this expansion*

From the Publisher...

ASL Action Pack #5 - East Front is a scenario bundle featuring the battles fought on the East Front. The scenarios represent actions from Barbarossa through the bitter end in 1945 with three new ASL geomorphic maps (56, 57, 58). Action Pack #5 - East Front is sure to be enjoyed by veteran ASL players.

ASL Action Pack #5 - East Front contains:
3 ASL geomorphic mapboards (56, 57, and 58)
12 ASL scenarios featuring the new maps

AP41 The Meat Grinder - 5 turns, 25 June, 1941, Lutsk, Russia
AP42 Frontiers and Pioneers - 6.5 turns, 26 June, 1941, Skaudvila, Russia
AP43 Escape from Encirclement - 6 turns, 3 August, 1941, Podvyssokoya-Peregonorka, Russia
AP44 The Burial Mound - 7.5 turns, 16 September, 1942, Stalingrad, Russia
AP45 Reaping Rewards - 5.5 turns, 20 December, 1942, Kruzhilin, Russia
AP46 Red Comrades - 5.5 turns, 20 March, 1943, Taranovka, Russia
AP47 Insult to Injury - 6.5 turns, 12 July, 1943, Storozhevoe, Russia
AP48 Up Inferno Hill - 7.5 turns, 14 July, 1943, Werchopenje, Russia
AP49 Retrained and Rearmed - 6.5 turns, 26 October, 1944, Banska Bystricka, Slovakia
AP50 Panzergeist - 5.5 turns, 30 October, 1944, Olszak, Poland
AP51 Something to Prove - 7.5 turns, 18 January, 1945, Sid, Yugoslavia
AP52 Into Vienna Woods - 6 turns, 17 April, 1945, St. Polten, Austria

Read more information at the Board Game Geek website

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