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Small World: Be Not Afraid... Expansion

Small World: Be Not Afraid... Expansion by Days of Wonder, Inc.
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Manufacturer: Days of Wonder, Inc.  Visit their site
Designer: Philippe Keyaerts
Players: 2 to 5
Time: 80 Minutes
Categories: Fantasy
Expansion for Base-game
Territory Building
Mechanics: Variable Player Powers
Area Movement
Dice Rolling
Area Control
Ages: 8 and up
Availability: Unavailable 
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Our Price:  $13.95 - Retail $20.00
Reward Points: 1,395
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  *** Important Information ***>
Must have base game to utilize this item

From the Publisher...

Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon 'em.

There are many frightening inhabitants of Small World, but to survive you must Be Not Afraid...! This expansion for Small World includes a nasty lot of five new Races including Barbarians, Homunculi, Pixies, Pygmies, and greedy little Leprechauns. You'll also get five new Special Powers among which Catapult which allows you to leap over regions to conquer new lands.

5 new Race banners and tokens (Barbarians, Homunculi, Leprechauns, Pixies & Pygmies)
5 new Special Power badges (Barricade, Catapult, Corrupt, Imperial & Mercenary)
1 spare Race Banner & 1 spare Special Power badge
A tray to store the tokens from all expansions released to date

Also included is a new storage tray solution that fits the tokens of all existing Small World expansions (even the Necromancer Island!) in a single, easy to sort, easy to access, container.

Read more information at the Board Game Geek website

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Stephen B

An Awesome Expansion that adds some very nice races and abilities.

Five new races and five new banners - a bit more expensive than the Grand Dammes or Cursed! expansions, but a few well-spent dollars (in my mind) go towards a new sorting tray that solves the problem of where to put all those races! You can ask Tom Vasel about that.... The races themselves are fun and balanced; this is a great expansion!

A fun expansion that adds more desirable new races and abilities, along with a sorting tray if you've collected other Small World race/power expansions. The tray is improved over the base game's in that the race tokens don't get stuck in the wells. Unfortunately trays like this can crack and this expansion doesn't really come in a small box like I expected, but just a sliding carboard sleeve, that no longer fits snugly around the new tray once you've removed all the cardboard sprues. Therefore it is not as protected as I'd like. And neither this "box" nor the base game box has enough extra room to hold the Tales and Legends event card deck if you've collected that expansion, too. This also has room to house the Necromancer expansion, though it is not included here.

Corey Nick
This new expansion features some interesting and very fun new races, your sure to enjoy it in your Small World games!

This expansion is bigger than the two previous ones (Cursed and Grand Dames), and it adds a lot of new races to the game. This is great for added variety and it will certainly keep the game fresh for a long time. In addition, you also get a very convenient storage box for the races, which will fit all of the expansions released before this one.

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