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Defenders Of The Realm

Defenders Of The Realm by Eagle Games
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Manufacturer: Eagle Games  Visit their site
Designer: Richard Launius
Players: 1 to 4
Time: 90 Minutes
Categories: Fantasy
Mechanics: Action Point Allowance System
Co-operative Play
Hand Management
Dice Rolling
Ages: 13 and up
Availability: Unavailable 
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Our Price:  $58.45 - Retail $84.99
Reward Points: 5,845
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From the Publisher...

Our Liege is in desperate hour! From what grievous cause have these accursed races arisen? Orcs, Dragons, Demons and the Dead make haste towards Monarch City. The King and Countryside of Monarch City is in need of valiant Heroes!

Will you answer the King's call? Designed by Richard Launius (Arkham Horror) and legendary fantasy artist, Larry Elmore.

In the ancient Citadel of Monarch City, the King calls to arms the finest Heroes to defend against a Darkness that engulfs the land. You and your allies must embark on a journey to defend the countryside, repair the tainted lands, and defeat the four creature factions before one of them enters the City. And they approach from all sides! Fast populating Orcs! Fierce Dragons! Undead that bring Terror! And Demons! All tainting the land in their wake. There are several paths to defeat, but only one path to victory, and only the most valiant Hero will be named King's Champion.

Defenders of the Realm is a cooperative fantasy board game in which 1-4 players take a role as one of the King's Champions (Choose from Cleric, Dwarf, Eagle Rider, Paladin, Ranger, Rogue, Sorcerer and Wizard). You, as one of the King's Heroes make use of strategy, special abilities, cooperation, card play and a little luck in Defense of the Realm for a unique experience every adventure. But be forewarned! There is never time to rest. As each Enemy General is struck down in battle, the remaining dark forces only grow more difficult to vanquish and their march to Monarch City gets faster with each Hero victory!

Read more information at the Board Game Geek website

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A.J. Sansom

My first "real" board game experience was Pandemic, but even with that sentimental bond, I found that I was getting really board with it. It seemed that every game just boiled down to an exercise in counting. Defenders of the Realm has completely revitalized me because of one important fact: Because you are rolling dice to combat enemies, you can no longer immediately determine what the best option is..... you have to carefully weight your options and decide when its important enough to press your luck. On top of any mechanics improvements over Pandemic (of which there are many in my opinion), the theme also goes a LONG way in making this game enjoyable. I could never get into being the "scientist" or "dispatcher" in Pandemic; but let me be the Wizard here and I totally feel like a BAMF! If you like cooperative game, or are even open to the idea, please give this game a try!

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