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Florenza by ElfinWerks, LLC / Placentia Games
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Manufacturer: ElfinWerks, LLC / Placentia Games  Visit their site
Designer: Stefano Groppi
Players: 2 to 5
Time: 120 Minutes
Categories: Political
City Building
Mechanics: Worker Placement
Ages: 14 and up
Availability: Unavailable 
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Our Price:  $50.45 - Retail $75.00
Reward Points: 5,045
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From the Publisher...

In Florenza, the players are the heads of the most powerful families in Florenza during the Renaissance period. The goal of the game is to become the most famous patron of the arts by hiring the most famous artists of the period and financing their works. Each player can commission artworks in his own district, the Cathedral, or in the civic buildings of the city. Each artwork requires money and resources to complete. To earn the money and resources the artists need, the players send their workers to labor in various workshops, possibly even in their opponents’ districts. Additional workers can be earned by offering charity to the church. During the game, players will earn prestige points, primarily by completing artworks. prestige points can be spent during the game, but at the end of the game they will be the player’s primary source of victory points. All of the characters in the game are real historical figures that lived and worked in Italy during the Renaissance. Most of them worked in Florence. All of the buildings in the game were real Renaissance workshops. The artworks the players can complete include the masterpieces of some of the most famous artists in the world.

Notes from the Publishers: After decades in the attic playing around a table, we made that fateful question that every fan sooner or later arises "because not invent a game too?". At that moment We looked into the eyes of the most ingenious Group, Stephen Groppi, who took up the challenge and only a few weeks was presented with the first prototype of "Florenza" with which we tried to emphasize the importance and role of "patron" art. From that day, two years have passed by working hard, with continuous reviews, games, discussion and corrections. A game is great if you shared with others, and thus was born our society, Placentia Games that, with effort and patience, has seen the birth this first and hopefully not last job. We feel obliged to thank those who, in addition to us, helped bring to light this project: The essential planner and guru of the group Stephen Groppi. The tireless Ivan Zoni (character designer comic Jonathan Steele) for portraits of the characters, buildings and the Duomo of Florence. Young artists Valeria Gobbi and Daniel Zurla (Students the Art School of Piacenza) for designs pieces of "buildings of District and the City Market. The brilliant and versatile Paul Vallerga who worked the entire game graphics. All those who have lent their faces to the characters Anonymous (ARCELONA Franco, Giorgio Polizzi Raphael Carteny, Daniele and Stefano Zurla Groppi). The association playful event horizon, which collaborated with the test phases of the game. Our spiritual guides, and Matteo Sacchi Mario Panaro which led us by the hand through winding streets of publishing, advising at every stage critical project. All those who, on various occasions and events, have tried "Florenza" and gave us useful suggestions and interesting comments. We apologize to all of you for inclusion in the game Some artists who have not worked in Florence during the period the "ladies". Not wanting to upset the environment, we tried to use the most famous people and important (in our opinion) that were the protagonists of that golden age of art and Italian culture and world that is called Renaissance. "Michelangelo" For example, though briefly, in Florence scored significantly artistic history of the city and not less than the whole Renaissance period. The names of buildings, workshops or parts of the cathedral are shown in their literal form oldest in use in Italy of 1400-1600, some words are still used in the original form other have undergone small changes, others have completely fallen into oblivion or stored only in countless dialects spoken in the Italian peninsula. Us would seem to hurt the story and characters Popular evoked in the game, not translated into the languages in the contexts of their families who saw them protagonists. We hope you share our choice and this will Have fun with "Florenza".

Read more information at the Board Game Geek website

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