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Yomi: Complete First Edition

Yomi: Complete First Edition by Sirlin Games
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Manufacturer: Sirlin Games  Visit their site
Designer: David Sirlin
Players: 2
Time: 20 Minutes
Categories: Card Game
Mechanics: Rock, Scissors, Papers
Variable Player Powers
Simultaneous Action Selection
Hand Management
Ages: 10 and up
Availability: Unavailable 
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Our Price:  $67.65 - Retail $99.99
Reward Points: 6,765
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From the Publisher...

What is Yomi?

Yomi is the Japanese word for “reading,” as in reading the mind of your opponent.

Yomi: Fighting Card Game is a simple competitive card game that simulates a battle between two characters. Each deck in Yomi represents one character and can also be used as a regular deck of playing cards with beautiful artwork.

Champion fighting game tournament player and game balancer David Sirlin designed the game to test the two most important skills in competitive gaming: Valuation and Yomi. Valuation refers to your ability to judge the relative value of moves (or cards) as they change over the course of the game. Yomi, the game's title, refers to your ability to guess which moves your opponent will make. There is more to it than guessing, though: some players have the uncanny ability to “guess” right almost every time, no matter the game.

The COMPLETE FIRST EDITION of Yomi comes with all 10 character decks, each with their own artistic tuck-box and 1-page rules insert. Yomi cards are not printed on uncoated cheap, thick "CCG" card stock. Instead, they're printed on the the flexible type of stock used for playing cards, and they have playing card coating. This makes them more durable, better for shuffling, and gives them a similar tactile feel to playing cards.

In addition to the 10 decks, you also get an expanded 8-page rulebook with an extra rules FAQ, and two large playmats with integrated life counters, along with acrylic beads to track your life total. The playmats let you keep your cards clean no matter what surface you play on, they help you keep track of life totals without needing pencil and paper, and they show off some pretty sweet art.

The basic gameplay of Yomi is a special kind of paper, rock, scissors. Each turn, you play your move as a face down card simultaneously with your opponent. You then reveal the cards to see which player landed a hit; attacks beat throws, throws beat blocks/dodges, and blocks/dodges beat attacks.

You get a different bonus depending on which of the four movetypes you win with, so the payoffs for the paper, the rock, and the scissors are all different. By knowing your opponent's personality, you can guess whether he will tend to play it safe often, or go for big combos at every opportunity.

Read more information at the Board Game Geek website

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Ken B.

I know it's pricey, but you're looking at one of the finest two-player games ever produced. With ten different decks for ten different characters, each playing differently, there's tons of gameplay in this box. For CCGers, this is a no-brainer; you get ten tourney-balanced decks, all ready to go, no more late nights trying to get that perfect deck together. This is, quite simply, Street Fighter in card game form, and well done. Worth every penny.

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