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Tigris and Euphrates

Tigris and Euphrates by Mayfair Games
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Manufacturer: Mayfair Games  Visit their site
Designer: Reiner Knizia
Players: 3 to 4
Time: 90 to 120 Minutes
Game Type: Board
Categories: Civilization
Mechanics: Tile Placement
Ages: 12 and up
Availability: Unavailable 
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Our Price:  $44.00 - Retail $55.00
Reward Points: 44,000
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From the Publisher...

Culture, Conflict, Civilization! This revised edition contains a new 2-sided game board, 4 new civilization buildings, and a new advanced scenario!

Enlarge Image | View More Art | Order Parts Tigirs & Euphrates™ New Edition Price: $55.00 MFG4116 • Players: 2-6 • Ages: 12+ • Playing Time: 90-120 min • Designer: Renier Kniza • Art: Stephen Graham Walsh • Made in Germany Spiel des Jahres - 1998 recommended, Deutscher Spiele Preis - 1998, Games Magazine Games 100 Nominee 1999 Culture, Conflict, Civilization! This revised edition contains a new 2-sided game board, 4 new civilization buildings, and a new advanced scenario! Step back to the dawn of recorded time. Take command of a young dynasty in fertile Mesopotamia. Here, between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, lies the cradle of civilization. Here, as the Bible tells, rose man's first cities: Ur, Nineveh, and fair Babylon. Play a part in the epic saga of the rise of these great urban centers. Guide your dynasty to develop and control the most vibrant culture in the rich land between the two rivers.

Create the best balance between markets, temples, settlements, and farms. Forge your own new civilization and dominate the rich valleys of the Tigris and Euphrates.

Tigris & Euphrates contains:
1 richly decorated, double-sided game board
4 ornate player screens(1 for each dynasty)
6 painted, two-part wood monuments
4 painted wood civilization buildin
16 stamped wood leader markers
140 painted wood victory point cubes
10 wooden treasure markers
1 bag (for civilization tiles)
153 illustrated civilization tiles
8 catastrophe tiles
1 unification tile
1 game overview
1 rules booklet

This game contains small parts and may not be suitable for children under the age of 5 years old.

Our Comments...

English Edition

Read more information at the Board Game Geek website

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Customer Raves - Write your own Rave about this game!
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Brent Mair - The Basement

T&E is a good gamer's game. It is a bit abstract but its unique scoring mechanism and hidden information makes it a winner.

James Mzik - Westpark Gaming Group
The components are top notch and the gameplay is never stagnant. It's fast, lending itself to several plays in a session.

octavio morales
I am not very fond of knizias' games, but this is one of the more solid games he produced. It is a tile laying game with a VP system characteristic of his games with a very thin theme more like an abstract one, but the game is very tense and enjoyable there is conflict all the time. recommended

Rob Markley - Mt Albert - Auckland NZ
Although seemingly quite abstract I think there is hidden historical perception in this tale of the first civilisation. I've always thought this game is one that has the potential to be the chess of a future era - it is that good and has that kind of staying power.

Danny - NYC Meetup
This is a 2 to 4 player tile laying game, where players build up kingdoms of tiles on the board, and try to position their leaders to their best advantage. The game is won by taking cubes in four colours, but your score is the colour you have the least of. Ingenious mechanics and subtle deep game play. Simply wonderful. Thumbs up by Me

This game is often placed in Knizia's "tile laying trilogy" or quadrilogy, depending on the commentator. Though the theme is not as accessible to a non-gamer, Tigris and Euphrates is absolutely as catchy and entertaining as Samurai (and I think even better). Don't get it because it was designed by a minor celebrity in the field, certainly don't get it for the historical theme, get it because it's a great game, very sneaky and consistently intriguing.

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