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Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico by Rio Grande Games
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Manufacturer: Rio Grande Games  Visit their site
Designer: Andreas Seyfarth
Players: 3 to 5
Time: 90 to 150 Minutes
Game Type: Board
Categories: Economic
City Building
Mechanics: Variable Phase Order
Ages: 12 and up
Availability: Unavailable 
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Our Price:  $31.45 - Retail $44.95
Reward Points: 3,145
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From the Publisher...

Prospector, captain, mayor, trader, settler, craftsman, or builder? Which roles will you play in the new world? Will you own the most prosperous plantations? Will you build the most valuable buildings? You have but one goal: achieve the greatest prosperity and highest respect! This is shown by the player who earns the most victory points. He will win the game!

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Ed -

I have yet to hear of anyone that doesn't like it. Puerto Rico is like no other game, that makes it special. Pick a job for that turn and everyone takes an action. Not much down time, as everyone can have an action on every person's turn. This game is a "must have"!

Lee Kok Khing
Have been playing with this game for not less than 30 times, still find it refreshing every time I play with it. Lots of decisions to make but beware of the after effect--I have introduced this game to lots of other people and most of them seem to love it.

Puerto Rico is an excellent game, easy to learn easy to teach, plays fast and is a lot of fun. It’s a very interesting game system where all players are always doing an action. There’s no down time like other games, you know, waiting on other players to take their turn, come on come on. Don’t let the number of pieces to this game intimidate you as it did me when it first came out. It’s much easier than it looks and is one of the best games I own. Every person I’ve played this game with so far has said they had fun and really liked it and are willing to play again. This is a game where you will be very hard pressed in finding people that will not like it! It’s well worth the investment to get this great game on your shelf and in play!

octavio morales
this is a must have. it is not so heavy, and yet there are so many strategies that it will see your table for years. there is a nice character selection system and nice wooden bits. a solid 10 for me

Sam Peavy - AmBoGS
Our groups' favorite game. Take on a role, build buildings, plant crops, harvest, ship, earn victory points or money - everything is in this game. Each game is a little different even if you apply a similar strategy, as the order of the roles makes a big difference. A grand strategy game that can be learned in minutes, it will keep you entertained for a lifetime!

Stephen B
If you like Eurogames, this is one you need to get. It has a lot more complexity, but after you play it once isn't that hard to play, and it is great fun.

Mr Waiguoren
This is one of the all time great strategy games. Between role selection and balancing the need for money and victory points, each round is full of interesting choices. There are many games where you have to build and manage an economic engine but Puerto Rico is one of the best.

Bryan O'Connell
Currently rated as #2 on, this is the standard for what a great game should be. It has a brilliant mechanic of picking roles each turn to accomplish different things like trading or shipping goods. It has a great amount of strategy but is not intimidating for new gamers. It's made by Rio Grande so all the bits and pieces are excellently produced. Lastly, it says 3-5 players but it plays very well with 2. Enjoy!

Bryan O'Connell
Puerto Rico is the gold standard that all other games should be weighed against. It is made by Rio Grande games so all the chits and bits are top notch. PR has an awesome game mechanic in which each turn players choose roles which help do things like produce and trade goods. The box says 3-5 players but it plays very well with 2. Not intimidating for new gamers, but more than enough strategy for experienced players. Enjoy!

This great game of role selection should be in every game collection. Playing this game can open your eyes to a whole new world of games. The theme and the game play make this a fantastic game.

What makes this game interesting is the selection of roles. By using the roles well, you can both benefit yourself and hinder your opponents.

Lorena Holmstead
This is a fun game! One of the reasons it's fun is because you interact with the game (or take a turn) almost every minute - there's no long wait time in between turns. There are a lot of different strategies for winning also, so you can try different ways to get the most victory points. It most reminds me of Settlers of Catan and Agricola. My eight and ten year old children play the game, although there is a steep learning curve to the game.

Puerto Rico is one of the most highly praised board games out there - and rightfully so. Unlike Agricola (and these games aren't similar enough to fret about getting both of them), Puerto Rico gives you the flexibility to choose between various good choices each turn, rather than the lesser of evils. We've just begun to play it, but it will definitely be a perennial favorite.

I picked up this game about a month ago and only regret not doing so earlier. It's not an intimidating game, and though the box may appear dry it's easy to pick up on the first game. Each successive game we've played has revealed additional depth. In fact, I want to play it right now.

A.J. Sansom
This game is a classic, and is a favorite of everyone it seems that I talk to! I believe that the brilliance of this game is that even when it's not "your turn" you still get to participate in the action that's being take. There is no down time! Amongst my friends, down time is a killer and has ruined other games. Grab this one and you will not be disappointed!

Mitchell Rowekamp
Fantastic game! No direct player interaction which is unique. Takes a lot of strategy and at times it seems like there is one strategy that will always win but through experience you learn that this is not the case!

What hasn't already been said about this wonderful game that has now stood the test of time and can already be considered a classic of the genre? I will point out the two things that I feel make this such a great addition to any gamer's collection: (1) it is FUN and (2) it works great for 3, 4 and 5 players. Just to reiterate that last point, while the game plays much differently depending on the number of players, it works well in all three scenarios. This is just a great, great game.

Puerto Rico is generally considered one of the best board games around. I agree with this, but can add that the part I like best about Puerto Rico, is the subtle ways you can influence the other players - I don't think I've ever seen indirect confrontation done as well as in Puerto Rico.

Corey Nick
If you are even SORT of a board-gamer, and you like Catan and other big titles in the board game industry than you have to get Puerto Rico! I've played many boardgames and have been for awhile now, but Puerto Rico, the 1st game I played of it, became my absolute favorite. It's a wonderful game!

Danny - NYC Meetup
This is by far the best game I have played in a very long time, if by a long time I mean ever. Although I own other great games, this one was so well designed and thought out that it has no luck value involved at all. Like chess you have to think about your opponent's moves and what will help you most while not helping your opponent. A fantastic game that will be played many times.

By far one of my top games i love. Just because its not you turn don't mean you don't get to do something.

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