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Brass by Eagle Games
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Manufacturer: Eagle Games  Visit their site
Designer: Martin Wallace
Players: 2 to 4
Time: 120 Minutes
Categories: Transportation
Industry / Manufacturing
Mechanics: Hand Management
Ages: 10 and up
Availability: Unavailable 
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Our Price:  $38.76 - Retail $59.99
Reward Points: 3,876
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From the Publisher...

Brass is set in 18th century Lancashire at the beginning of what would eventually be called the Industrial Revolution. It starts at the beginning of the Canal Age and ends after the development of railways. Players take the roles of entrepreneurs attempting to make the most money from the various industries of the time. Cotton dominates the game but players ignore the other industries such as coal mining and engineering at their peril.

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Rob Markley - Mt Albert - Auckland NZ

One of the toughest games I've ever played - Martin Wallace's best! Everything works in this game - even the railroad network idea works thematically... but you do have to 'read' some aspects such as the once only aspect of flipping tiles.

Brass is a deep strategy game, where the winner will be the one who plans ahead and makes the right moves at the right time. The most special thing about Brass, is the very open feeling it has - you always feel as if you have a great freedom of choice in what to do, and it is agonizing to decide on the actual actions. It is a long and deep game that can easily be the meat of a gaming evening.

The game-mechanism is perfect. Wonderful economic theme. Best 2007 game.

Jon G
Wonderful game. You have to find a balance of strategy, tactics, and opportunity in the hand you're dealt. The two actions you get per turn are rarely enough to complete the action you want, so gaming the turn order is vital to get turns when you want them. There's tension and opportunity cost between all of your options: build coal/iron now and take an immediate payoff? build/ship cotton early for the foriegn market, or build up more cotton & ports to bulk ship later? build now, or develop and build more valuable industry next turn... if the space is still available? Burn an industry card that might give you options later, or use a city card that might be your only way into a city you don't expect to use? take loans at the end of the canal age or flip one more tile?

A.J. Sansom
This is one of the most brain-burn-iest games that I have ever played (and in a good way!). There is so much meat to this game that I can see how you could play this game every week for a year and still not get your fill with it. If you're not afraid to think deeply, this game could be the one for you!

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