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Imperial   (View Game)

It starts a bit like a wargame with boats and tanks. Then you think, this map is the one of Diplomacy so there should be some diplomacy inside. In the end you realize that control of countries changes very fast. To sumarize Imperial it's a bit of all of this and the sum is more than each parts.

Chaos in the Old World   (View Game)
Amazing game, tense to the finish, lots of depth from the upgrade cards and asymmetric gameplay.

Earth Reborn   (View Game)
An amazing creation. Tight euro-style mechanics and tough decisions wrapped inside a very thematic package. Super miniatures, decent back-story, and endlessly extendable. I haven't been this pleased with a game since acquiring Memoir '44 or Agricola.

Runewars   (View Game)
Great war game in fantasy theme, i love this game as it's different from many games from FFG . Theme is ameritrash but gameplay is Euro style and all the mechanics make it fun. Not boring like other war game or some huge game. Happy in all 4 hours.

Here I Stand: Wars Of The Reformation 1517-1555 (2010 Edition)   (View Game)
This is one of the best historical designs in years. It captures the period remarkably well and consequently each different player has unique situations and challenges. Anyone with even a vague interest in the period should buy it or anyone who wants a challenging six player game .

Troyes   (View Game)
Excellent mechanics, lots of choices. High replayability.

Civilization: The Board Game   (View Game)
Each country plays differently and there are a lot of different ways to win. It takes about 2 hours to play. I never turn down a game. The best civilization game (at least the best under 5 hours).

Twilight Imperium 3rd Edition   (View Game)
Spectacular game on every scale imaginable. So much thought when into this game system its mind boggling. Mad props to Fantasy Flight for putting out such a high quality product with attention to detail. Artwork, pieces, board, cards, ... all done with the highest quality materials and skill! The game is also fun to play.

Hannibal Rome vs Carthage   (View Game)
The most exciting and realistic wargame that I ever played. Wonderful! The card-driven system is the best system to reproduce historical environments..

Stone Age   (View Game)
Fun worker placement and die-rolling in prehistory, one of my favorite games, nice art, leather cup!

Princes of Florence   (View Game)
This game is great! I don't get it that people call this one multiplayer solitaire. We had lots of interaction throughout the session. The theme is very compelling. The strategy combos are amazing and refreshing. Easy to learn, easy to teach. A must have/play. Highly recommended!

Age of Steam (3rd Edition)   (View Game)
Easily the best train game I have ever played. Also one of the best games I have ever played. I can't seem to get enough of this game.

Commands & Colors Ancients (3rd Edition)   (View Game)
Finally a theme well suited to Borg's C & C system. I enjoyed Memoir and Battle Cry, but this one takes the cake for me, both because I love the theme, and the added complexity adds depth to the game without detracting from the playability. My rating has gone up after repeated plays, the strategy in the game is surprisingly subtle, much more so than in M '44 or BC. Rating has gone up after multiple playings

Steam   (View Game)
The original was one of my top 5 games. The new rules make the game even more fun and money less worrisome. Good for new players. The Advanced rules more or less preserve the old ways.

Battlestar Galactica: The Board Game   (View Game)
A great game with a lot of tension built in. It's a fantastic recreation of the atmosphere of the TV series. This really is my sort of game!

Dominant Species   (View Game)
An excellent game. Very tense all the way through. The time flies by when you play. I'm very much looking forward to getting it to the table again.

Race For The Galaxy   (View Game)
A deeper offering than San Juan, but using some of the same basic mechanics. The added depth is a true enhancement rather than pasted-on extra complexity, and works seamlessly within the system. The theme and mechanics meld together far better here than in San Juan, and the new layers of strategy are a delight. The artwork is gorgeous. Now firmly ensconced in my pantheon of favorite card games.

Brass   (View Game)
The game-mechanism is perfect. Wonderful economic theme. Best 2007 game.

Le Havre (1st edition)   (View Game)
Very in depth use of a few of the agricola mechanisms. Like Agricola, it has replayability through the random use of only using a few cards of the many each game, which could change the game in many ways. Some Caylus aspects but in its own right, a different use of that same aspect.

Through the Ages   (View Game)
Great game. The advanced game is just for learning, you have to play the full game to really "get" the game. Beginners, watch out for cook territory combos!

Agricola   (View Game)
It's lot of fun to play and you want to play it more and more because all the different things you want to try out. I also like that you are only running your small farm and not a whole country or city.

Twilight Struggle Deluxe Edition - 2011 Reprint   (View Game)
A great crossover game, quick and fun but plenty of Cold War flavor. Don't blow up the world!

Alhambra - English Edition   (View Game)
Alhambra is a strategic game of buiding an alhambra(city, town). You purchase tiles to build your alhambra, but be careful not to buy tiles with too many walls, or your doomed to wall yourself in. This is a game that you have to watch your moves as well as your fellow players because you gain points by having the most gardens, towers etc. at the end of the three rounds. Can't wait to play again.


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