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Pit Deluxe   (View Game)

Pit has stood the test of time better than most games and the reason is simple: it's fun. Really, really fun. Once the game starts, everyone starts shouting trades and the game gets louder as people are trading back and forth. Suddenly the bell rings and someone has just won. There's no other game I know of that feels anything like this game.

7 Wonders: Leaders   (View Game)
I learned 7 Wonders without the Leaders expansion, and only after playing dozens of games did I try adding leaders. Even so, I'll never go back. Leaders adds so much to the game that I no longer consider 7 Wonders to be complete without it. If you like 7 Wonders, this expansion is a must.

7 Wonders   (View Game)
I can't say enough good things about this game. There's no game I've seen that packs more theme, tactics, and variability into 30 minutes. And it plays 7 players beautifully! I'm counting the days till the Cities expansion release.

Sleuth   (View Game)
The classic Sid Sackson deduction game. Definitely a challenge, but if you like logic games, this one is a must.

Munchkin   (View Game)
Zanny, backstabby, hilarious. It sure is a lot of fun. The cards are always hilarious to read, and there's always something happening in the game. With the right group, this game is golden.

Lifeboat 3rd Edition   (View Game)
Floating in the middle of the ocean with dwindling supplies and no land in sight, you must act shrewdly if you want to make it to the end. Protect your love interest, try to bring your enemy to an unfortunate end, and stash as much loot as you can, all while trying to survive. A memorable game of deduction, deceit, and betrayal.

Space Alert   (View Game)
Fun, fast, and extremely chaotic. As your ship exits hyperspace, you and your crew find yourself under attack from every direction. You have to quickly plan and coordinate in real-time to survive until you can jump to your next location.

Dixit 3: Odyssey   (View Game)
This is the ultimate party game. It is extremely easy to learn, enormously fun, and being able to have up to 12 players means you never have to leave anyone out. Dixit 3 is the best of the games so far, and it plays well all by itself. I would definitely recommend buying this one before buying Dixit or Dixit 2.

Survive: Escape From Atlantis *ND   (View Game)
An absolutely beautiful edition of an incredibly fun and addictive game. In Survive, your goal it to get your people off Atlantis safely while making sure to keep your opponents from doing the same thing. The trick, of course, is you usually have to work with all the other players to accomplish your goals. Never has backstabbing been so much fun.

Midgard   (View Game)
A short strategy game that is a lot deeper than it appears at first glance. Midgard is a very fast pace area control/combat game with card driven mechanics. With often subtle goals and very strategic card drafting rounds, this game is definitely worth trying.

Code 777   (View Game)
A really fun twist on the standard deduction game. In Code 777 you see everyone's tiles except your own, and your goal is to figure out exactly what everyone else at the table is looking at. A beautifully balanced game.

The Resistance   (View Game)
One of my all-time favorite games. The Resistance brings in all the social deduction elements of Werewolf, but also brings in several new ways to gather information, and it does all this while avoiding player elimination. The Resistance is probably the perfect short social game.

Goa *nd   (View Game)
My favorite auction game. There are multiple ways to win so you must be flexible. Goa is also a favorite of my wife.


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