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Tears of the Dragon

Tears of the Dragon by Avalanche Press Ltd.
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Manufacturer: Avalanche Press Ltd.  Visit their site
Designer: John R. Phythyon
Players: 2
Time: 120 Minutes
Categories: Fantasy
Availability: Unavailable 
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Our Price:  $13.94 - Retail $19.99
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From the Publisher...

Five hundred years ago, the Princess Erynmil desired a suitor, but she could find no man worthy of her. Her father, furious with her, transformed her into a dragon and imprisoned her on a lonely isle, cursing her to remain there until someone brave, virtuous, and wise enough could free her. The man who could do so would win power beyond his wildest imagination and rule for 100 years. Erynmil cried bitterly, forming a great salt sea. Now she waits for someone with the wisdom to break the spell and staunch the Tears of the Dragon.

Tears of the Dragon is an exciting new fantasy board game that pits two players against each other in a quest to find lost wisdom so that they can free the princess from her curse and win great power. Players assume the role of one of two great warlords - Lord Forseti and Lord Gorganun. Forseti has more powerful units; his armies are the greatest in the world, and they fight much better than Lord Gorganun's. However, Lord Gorganun has a magical edge. He controls more powerful wizards than does Lord Forseti, and he can gain allies in the magical fairy people known as the Cadmin and the mighty dragon, Terromax. What Forseti has in military strength, Gorganun makes up for in total available units and magical prowess.

Both warlords have mounted and foot soldiers at their disposal as well as wizards. These magicians cast spells that can aid in combat or in movement, and they can assist in finding the lost bits of wisdom that will enable the player to win the game.

Each player moves his or her forces around the board, attempting to explore ruins. Each ruins must be explored by a wizard or a leader to acquire the wisdom that they contain. They also hold spells that wizards can add to their arsenal, making them more powerful. Once a player has explored enough ruins to gain the requisite knowledge, he or she must sail some of his or her forces to the lost island where Erynmil is imprisoned. There, he or she tries to convince the princess that the warlord is wise enough to be her suitor and win the game.

Combat is handled much like in Avalanche Press's acclaimed Granada: The Fall of Moslem Spain. Each unit has a combat strength. When attacking, the player rolls a die for each unit involved. If the number is equal to or less than the combat strength of the unit, it scores a hit, forcing an opposing piece to take a step reduction. Leaders can add to the combat values of the forces they control, and wizards can cast spells that enhance their own side, weaken their opponents, or cause specific special effects.

Tears of the Dragon combines the best aspects of a race game and a strategic movement one. While the goal is to get to all the ruins necessary, each side will attempt to intercept and defeat opposing forces, blocking them off from key locations. Eliminated leader and wizard pieces cannot be rebuilt, putting a premium on well-executed military strategy.

Components: Tears of the Dragon features beautiful, European-style graphics in the tradition of Granada: The Fall of Moslem Spain and Soldier Emperor.

Read more information at the Board Game Geek website

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