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The Screen Test Game

The Screen Test Game by The Screen Test Game
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Manufacturer: The Screen Test Game  Visit their site
Players: 6 to 16
Time: 60 to 120 Minutes
Categories: Party Game
Ages: 10 and up
Availability: Unavailable 
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Our Price:  $19.00 - Retail $35.00
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From the Publisher...

The Screen Test Game is a home video camera game where random, very short scenes are created and performed by a small group of teams.

The winning team will perform the best scene as voted on by all partygoers (Actors). The heart of the Screen Test Game is the card system. Selecting a card from each SCREEN TEST GAME card type randomly creates the parameters of movie scenes.

The team must quickly blend these elements into a short movie scene. For the experienced Screen Test Game players, some Plot and Dialogue cards are provided blank on the back so that you can customize the game to include some of your own great ideas!

You are about to experience the most exciting new game on the market! Best of all, this game is tailored exactly to your personality and that of your friends, family, and party guests, because you set the theme.

Here are some of the things people have been saying about the screen test game:

"My son's 10th birthday party was the best birthday he ever had." Philadelphia, PA

"We hosted a neighborhood party with all adults, the game was a big hit. My neighbors are still talking about it." Seattle, Wa.

"This takes charades to the next level." Chicago, IL

"This was the fastest 2 and a half hour birthday party we ever had." Austin, Tx

"This game is great, I have already put it on my list of gift ideas for Christmas." Newark, Nj

"This game is a definite for our upcoming family reunion." L.A.

1 Box of game cards
1 Clapboard
1 Stopwatch
1 Wax pencil
1 Durable case
Sorry, Video Camera Not Included.

Our Comments...

The game designer says this can be played with as little as 6 players but the instructions suggest 9 or more.

This mini-review by Mike Petty originally appeared in our January 22, 2005 newsletter:

When Terry and I were growing up one of our hobbies was making movies. First they were with the old 8mm cameras, then video recorders came along. Well, as soon as Terry got a review copy of The Screen Test Game from the game's creator, he knew I'd want to take a look at it. This game essentially combines my childhood fascination of making movies with my love of games that require creativity. I'm happy to say it's an excellent, fun game that I'm glad to have in my collection.

Just a casual reading of the rules will let you know exactly what to expect from the game. Players are divided into two groups. Each group draws random cards that will dictate dialogue, a location, props and a plot that must appear in a short scene. The scene is video taped and watched at the end of the session. Players vote on best actors and best scenes. That's about it, but if you can imagine making humorous videos with your friends or family, you can see why this can be so much fun.

There are a few things worth noting. First off, you'll need quite a few people. One "player" takes on the role of director. He or she won't be in the video, but will handle the camera and keep things moving along. (Teams only get 20 minutes to make their production.) Besides the director, you'll want at least three people in each team. We've played with a group this small and it works fine, but a few more people on each team will just make it that more fun.

As you may expect, the video camera isn't included. There is quite a bit in the box, though. There's a clapboard to start your scene, plenty of large, laminated cards in a nice holder. Since props and locations will be written on the cards by the director (to tailor make the game for any particular group), you also get a wax pencil for writing on the wipe-off cards. There's even a nice stop watch, of all things, just so teams only get exactly 20 minutes!

According to the rules, each team draws their own cards, thus leading to different scenes. We preferred to have each team use the same cards so we could see the different approaches that players would take. I can honestly say that watching the films was hilarious and thoroughly entertaining. No one even cared who won for best actor or best scenes. We just wanted to watch them again! This is really a fun, fresh party game that can be adjusted to work with any group. If you want more information on the game, check out the informative website:

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Ann McNight

My son & daughter love the game. Now they want to pursue acting in school. They love being in front of a camera with scenes and a director (me). Their freinds already can't wait for the next birthday party to play. Thank you screen test game! Ann McNight Haddonfield, NJ

Jeff Pohotte - Screen Test
Wow! Played the game with neighborhood friends and we are STILL laughing about it. One of my neighbors said they played it for their daughter's 12 birtthday party and it was a hit too. Great find! Highly recommended because you also get to keep a memorable video from the game just played!

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