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Zombies!!! (Widescreen Edition)

Zombies!!! (Widescreen Edition) by Twilight Creations, Inc.
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Manufacturer: Twilight Creations, Inc.  Visit their site
Designer: Todd Breitenstein
Players: 2 to 6
Time: 60 Minutes
Game Type: Board Game
Categories: Exploration
Movies/TV theme
Mechanics: Modular Board
Roll and Move
Availability: Unavailable 
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Our Price:  $17.45 - Retail $24.99
Reward Points: 1,745
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From the Publisher...

Zombies!!! puts you in the middle of the action as you try to escape the ever advancing zombie hoard. Players must use a combination of wits and brawn to be the first to the heliport and certain escape. The only problem is, the zombies are everywhere, they appear to be very hungry and your opponents would really prefer if you didn't escape.

Components: 2 dice, 6 shotgun guys, 30 map tiles, 50 action cards, dozens of counters, 100 Plastic Zombies

Read more information at the Board Game Geek website

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Customer Raves - Write your own Rave about this game!
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Lee Kok Khing

A really fun game, especially when you just want brainless kills :-) It's always fun to look at that ever-increasing mass of zombies comming at you while you hold onto some secret weapons (cards) in your hand. These isn't really much strategy involved, but hey, it makes my day for killing that 13th zombie.

Zombies is a great game if you want to have fun with several people and especially if you and your friends are fans of horror/zombie films. The game is very effective at creating the feelings of fear and suspicion one might face in a real disaster scenario. A few words of caution: basically, your goal is to screw people over. More than once, I've seen people get very angry with one another while playing this game. You've been warned.

This is an awesome game for those who love zombie movies, or anything like that. The rules are somewhat vague, but this game is very flexible, so feel free to make up house rules or read some rules other players have created on the web. Overall, a fun experience, especially with the expansions.

Stephen B
Survive the Zombie attack, screw of your friends along the way, what more do you need to know.

Bryan O'Connell
The game that launched a thousand sequels...Zombies!!! is an ever changing game of zombie hunting. Each turn the board grows and new zombies are added. You can win in several ways which always adds depth and strategy to a game. Not to mention, zombies are just straight up awesome! Supports up to 6 players, but plays just as good with only 2. Enjoy!

Bryan O'Connell
The game that launched a thousand sequels, Zombies!!! is an ever changing game of zombie hunting. Each turn the board grows and new zombies are added. The game has multiple ways of winning which adds strategy and depth to the game, especially when each player has a different goal in mind. Supports up to 6 player and should be embraced by hardcore and new gamers. Enjoy!

Ben - Coopersville Game Club
Zombies takes a few minutes to learn, and can be a quick game or a long game of backstabing fun!!!

There is a lot of similarity between Zombies!!! and your favorite horror flick - it's hard to say who's going to die, but don't be surprised if you find yourself low on health and missing your bullets. The Director's Cut of this game features a clarified ruleset, lady zombies, and is engorged with improved art. Getting one or more of the expansions (which are thankfully inexpensive) will greatly enhance the game.

Ken B.
While the rules in the base game are pretty barebone, you get the perfect kit for homebrew zombie game rules of your own. 100 plastic zombies!!! There are plenty of rules tweaks online, so you can tailor your zombie experience however you like.

The everchanging map system, the grotesque and awesome art of the cards and the thrill of killing zombies and being the first to the helipad make this game remarkable. Not to mention the healthy amount of expansions to keep it interesting for a very, very long time!

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