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Customer Raves
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Wiz-War   (View Game)

An excellent game. Not only is it beautifully made and re-created in the fashion of the original Wiz-war but it's just fun! I have to say of all the new games this year this one has been the most fun and thus the most played!

Ticket to Ride Map Collection Volume 1 : Asia   (View Game)
Very decent map expansion for ticket to ride. It's got an excellent theme matched with incredible art (and new cards!!) and a new "team" system on one side. That's right, it is DOUBLE SIDED. That is value people. Get it and squirm as people pay more than ever for the few routes on one side and then team up to beat your opponents on the other. Splendid!

Ticket to Ride   (View Game)
Addictivley amazingly fun! The only family game I have ever played that feels so entertaining! It's got good mechanics, quick rules and gameplay and a way of really sucking you in. This game is a MUST have for ANY gamer or gaming group. You'll play and play and play...and then play some more!

Power Grid Expansion - China & Korea   (View Game)
So, this is the only map I currently own but im pretty sure they don't get any better than this! Usually expansion add to games, but this one...completely changes it! You have the China side making everyone bloodthirsty with it's new auction system and expensive building and then Korea with it's TWO markets, making everyone feel fine and dandy until someone swoops in with an unexpected victory. (and it's harder to screw people over because of the two!) For the money it is definintly worth buying!

Power Grid Expansion - Power Plant Deck   (View Game)
Probably the cheapest expansion ever made, it really is quite nice. No it won't change your game entirely, but yes it is a noticable change and yes it is more of the same. But the same is GOOD, so why change it? (Also as a side note, you have the option now of building your OWN power plant deck for some veeeery interesting games!.)

Catacombs   (View Game)
A very cool game with some originality! This game is light and great fun for most gamers, hardcore or light everyone seems to enjoy it. (Except people that don't like flicking obviously.) This game is fun and dosen't really feel repetative after having played it many many times. I highly recommend it!

Bang! The Bullet   (View Game)
One of the most crazy fun and very very quick games i own! Takes probably about 20 minutes to teach and then PLAY. (if you have 3 or so people.) If you are going to get this game go ahead and get The Bullet. It's very worth it, considering you get tons of expansion, new cards not in expansions, blank cards for customization and a huge tin bullet to store it all in. Very awesome and played constatnly, i haven't found a person that dosen't like it yet!

Agricola   (View Game)
There is a reason this game is constantly in the top 5 of Boardgamegeek. It is VERY FUN. It's hard to explain this game and why it's's just a farming game, where everyone tries to have the best farm. But because of all the strategy, the HUNDREDS of cards (making everygame very different) and the game's intricate mechanics it boils down to being one of the greatest games i have ever played. If you are a hardcore gamer you'll love it...if you aren' will learn to love it. BUY IT!

Pandemic On The Brink Expansion - 2013 Edition   (View Game)
I give this game my vote for #1 expansion ever made. This expansion, for it's very reasonable price, probably doubles the actual game in terms of content. You get SEVEN new roles (plus a revised Operations Expert role,) a new disease new pawns to replace the huge clunky old ones and 3 new game modes. Thats right, there are now 3 very different and challenging ways to play pandemic. Including a mode where one players is a terrorist. Do yourself a favor and love pandemic all over again with this expansion!

Pandemic - 2013 Edition   (View Game)
One of the absoloute best co-op games out there, that is truly coperative! Nobody is a "traitor" or has a secret agenda. Everyone wins, or everyone loses. This game is one of those games that perfectly balances simple rules with a fun flow of the game and yet stil the need to think and incorporate strategy. I suggest this for light gamers and hardcore gamers alike, very fun! (Definintly check out the expansion On the Brink as well!)

7 Wonders: Leaders   (View Game)
I definintly suggest you get 7 wonders: Leaders as soon as possible. It's amazing! It is the 2nd best expansion i think was ever made. It comes with so much greatness and really gives the game some new flavor, which it needs if you've played it a hundred times like our group has. The leaders is very easy to learn and impacts the game in a good way, it's not going to completely change the game...but hey, why fix it if it isn't broken? AWESOME.

7 Wonders   (View Game)
This game is perfect, seriously. You have to buy it! It's got everything going for it. It's very fun It's simple, yet strategic It's very quick It's very quick to Setup and learn AND it has a rich, and well made theme. This is one of the few games i can see as perfect for everyone!

Betrayal At House On The Hill   (View Game)
A fun, theme-packed mystery game of exploration, tile by tile, madness! And if thats not enough, 50 unique stories that results in one person being the horrible traitor and the rest being surviving heroes. This game is a blast, it's got a deep theme with light gameplay. Took 45min to teach the game and then play it with 3 people. Absoloute must have!

Dungeon Run   (View Game)
Extremely fun game! It's a LIGHT dungeon crawl, which is nice, with the end game twist of everyone versus the guy with the summoner's stone. It's easy, it's not too long of a game and it's very fun. I suggest it for almost any boardgamers, and even a few non-gamers take to it!

Power Grid   (View Game)
Power Grid is amongst the top boardgames at BoardGameGeek for a reason: It is addictivley fun. The game's premise might seem boring but the gameplay is NOT! Very fun and not to long of a game, especially for all the strategy it involves. I would certaintly recommend it for most board gamers!

Star Munchkin   (View Game)
A great sci-fi knock off, this Munchkin is a great adaptation in the series. The laser weapons, the new classes/races, and the new monsters and treasure make it a great grab!

Munchkin Zombies   (View Game)
My absoloute favorite munchkin thus far. Probably because i love Zombies so much, but also it's alot of great fun. Being a Voo-Doo zombie and being On-Fire is just great fun!

Munchkin Cthulhu   (View Game)
For a while, my absolute favorite munchkin, if you're a fan of Munchkin and especially if you're a fan of H.P Love craft you'll love this game. H.P Love Craft's works are hilariously parodied in this munchkin adaptation and the gameplay is flavored with all kinds of new wacky elements. Curses and madnesses galore!

Munchkin Booty   (View Game)
A unique version of Munchkin, this set replaces race with accent (British/French/Spanish) and classes with Pirate/Navy/more! It's great fun and an enjoyable break from regular munchkin!

Munchkin Bites! 2: Pants Macabre   (View Game)
If you already own the original Munchkin bites i don't have to explain how fun it is, this expansion only adds to the madness with new items monsters and one new class.

Munchkin Bites!   (View Game)
Interesting horror parody version of the Munchkin game. It's got alot of unique classes, items and monsters. It's blend of humour and horror game elements make it very enjoyable!

Munchkin 6 : Demented Dungeons   (View Game)
Adds layers of new content to the game. The new giant dungeon cards, which range from fun to challenging to absoloutly absurd, are drawn and replaced and played alongside the other decks. It's a great addition to the base game and I highly suggest it.

Munchkin 5: De-ranged   (View Game)
A very good expansion to Munchkin! The New Ranger class is a good variation and perhaps even too overpowered of a class (which only makes it that much more desirable!)

Munchkin   (View Game)
A simple, easy and very very fun card/strategy game that takes many humerous stabs at rpg games! The original totally awesome Munchkin game!

Arkham Horror: Curse Of The Dark Pharaoh Expansion (Revised Edition)   (View Game)
An excellent expansion to Arkham Horror! The new Exhibition cards and new location cards with this expansion make it worth the purchase and play!

Arkham Horror: Lurker At The Threshold Expansion   (View Game)
My favorite "mini" expansion to Arkham Horror! The new "Heralds" that help the Ancient one awaken from his slumber and new gate tokens, which make gates take away stamina/sanity and even move around the board, also add to the depth and complexity of the game. This in my opinion, makes it even better!

Arkham Horror: Black Goat Of The Woods Expansion   (View Game)
This expansion adds some aweosme new mechanics to the game, such as cult cards (you can now join a cult in the game! whoopee!) and relationship cards which are placed between players and gives themn a shared benefit. It also comes with even more location cards to add to the variety of the game. It's not the biggest expansion to the game, but it is a valuable one for certain and gives a deeper and more interesting feel to Arkham Horor.

Arkham Horror Dice Set (5)   (View Game)
Arkham Horror is a fantastic cooperative game, and it's love-craftian theme can be very engrossing. However, the game comes with plain regular white/black dice. This is the only component to the game that lacks the theme and feel, however with these marvelously made Arkham Horror Dice, the theme/feel is there! These dice are very nice!

Shadows Over Camelot   (View Game)
I lingered on trying this game for a while, not certian it would entertain me. But after trying it not too long ago, i can say this: it. is. amazing! The art is perfect, the game-play is simple but not too simple, the difficulty is challenging but not too hard. The player variability keeps it interesting and the traitor aspect only makes it that much deeper. Easily one of the best cooperative games out there and definintly the best to start people out on. You'll be hooked and playing within an hour, and win/lose in less than another!

Risk 2210 AD   (View Game)
If you are a fan of RISK, prepare to never want to play regular risk again! This game brings alot of new elements to the table. Extra dice, single shot cards with powerful effects and last but not least THE MOON! Also, you can take over underwater areas making this risk bigger and RISKier than the others. I seriously cannot go back to plain risk after tasting this one!

Zombies!!! (Widescreen Edition)   (View Game)
The everchanging map system, the grotesque and awesome art of the cards and the thrill of killing zombies and being the first to the helipad make this game remarkable. Not to mention the healthy amount of expansions to keep it interesting for a very, very long time!

Last Night On Earth - The Zombie Game   (View Game)
If you like A) Zombies B) A fun teams based game C) Dice rolling/stats based gameplay and D) varialb objectives/re-playability then look no further! LNOE is an extraordinary game and tons of fun. I can't get enough of this game!

Settlers Of Catan Board Game : Cities & Knights 5-6 Player Extension   (View Game)
If you are reading this review it means two things: You probably own Cities and Knights, and you are reading this instead of buying this expansion. Buy it now! A 6 player game of cities and knights catan, and throw in a Seafarers expansion, and you've got an unforgettable game night!

Settlers of Catan Board Game : Seafarers of Catan 5-6 Player Extension   (View Game)
More sea tiles, more boats and more gold means more fun with this expansion to Catan! You will no doubt find it hard to play a 5 or 6 player game without this expansion! And for all the tiles and wooden pieces it is worth the price.

Settlers Of Catan Board Game : 5-6 Player Extension   (View Game)
Obviously, if you want more people to play at the same time you will need this expansion. It even throws in a new rule with the added players and makes a bigger Catan for you and your friends to settle!

Settlers Of Catan Board Game : Cities & Knights   (View Game)
If you only buy ONE expansion to Catan (which i found hard to do, as i own them all!) it simply must be Cities and Knights. I cannot play Catan without this expansion, it just makes a great game even better. With Cities and Knights the elements of war with barbarians, perks from having cities and commodities (the new "resources") and the tension of possibly losing cities perfects this already astounding game. Cities and Knights is absoloutly, hands-down, necessary with Catan.

Settlers of Catan Board Game : Seafarers Of Catan   (View Game)
The addition of boats and water tiles may seem lacking at first, but you will quckly see the game-play changed and affected drastically, and for the better. The separation of water, the islands and especially the "gold" producing tiles make this expansion a must-have for Catan-enthusiasts!

Catan Histories: Settlers Of America - Trails To Rails   (View Game)
This game "trails" away from Catan's original game-play, but is refreshing and just as fun, although different. The point system, resources and the way things are built may have been altered but the award winning game-play is still there and still very addictive and fun. This is a good break from standard Catan games and on it's own a very good game as well. I have to say it's also one of the most well made, as most catan games are, boardgames on the market and fantastic fun to play!

Mansions Of Madness   (View Game)
So, this game is wonderful for so many reason! If you are into co-operative games, story based games, themed games (specifically horror/love-craft themed) and also games with only a medium high amount of complexity, you've hit the jackpot! You will be hardpressed to find a game with better play elements, better pieces and better depth than Mansions of Madness..

Arkham Horror Board Game   (View Game)
This game is extremely fun, it has a good Lovecraftian feel to it and is the epitome of a co-op game. It's fantastic! You'll look forward to playing it again and again and again!


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