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Balloon Cup (English Version)   (View Game)

Another great game in the Kosmos 2 player line. This is a lot of fun.

Balloon Cup (English Version)   (View Game)
Balloon Cup is really a pretty and well themed 2-player area majortiy game. You are competing for dominance of 4 areas by placing cards from your hand on either your own side or your opponents. The fact that you can play directly on your opponents side, is really what sets Balloon Cup leagues above other simple area majority games. With this simple mechanic, you get tons of direct player interaction and at the same time makes all cards usable (if you can't use it, you can use it to fill up your opponents side). It is a fun, light game with a healthy dose of interaction and skillful tactical play.

Balloon Cup (English Version)   (View Game)
This is a very enjoyable light 2-player game. It is a good introduction to European-style games, with wooden bricks and victory points rather than heavy theme and direct conflict.

Balloon Cup (English Version)   (View Game)
   A.J. Sansom
So simple to explain and yet so many interesting choices to be had! Definitely a favorite 2-player game at our house. If you pick this up I suggest that you play with the following variant: You can only play cards on your opponent's side of a race if there is already a card on your side of that particular race. Cheers!

Balloon Cup (English Version)   (View Game)
   Scott Dieterman
Up, up and away!!! I find this game can be played at 2 levels. If you are just mildy competitive and strategic, you'll find this to be a fairly short, fun game. Simply try to play your cards in the right location to get the Highest or Lowest points, win races, receive trophies and win. If you are a very strategic player, you can look ahead or remember what's been played in the past. Also, if you know how many cards and cubes are available, it helps you plan your next move or next few moves. I've heard some people say every move is spelled out for you, but I strongly disagree as I can see into the game and the hidden strategies. The game is very easy to learn - probably less than 5 minutes to learn and get the hang of it on the first few turns.

Balloon Cup (English Version)   (View Game)
Balloon Cup is a great game for many reasons. It’s decently fast paced, so you can enjoy one small game on a Tuesday night with your significant other (or an older child) at the spur of the moment without compromising sleep for work the next day :). I also enjoyed it because it was fun to play “both sides of the board” where not only are you working on your side, but can sabotage your opponent’s side as well. This made for some interesting strategy. The game overall was multi-dimensional, but very easy to learn (you don’t have to read the rules for a ½ hour just to tip the ice berg – we were playing in less than 5 minutes). Highly recommended

Balloon Cup (English Version)   (View Game)
this game has a bit of luck(because of card drawing) but a great deal of strategy. It's quick to pick up on and can lead to a fast paced game. Sometimes (and it hurts me) you end up giving your opponets points, so strategize well!!!!


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