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Memoir '44   (View Game)
   Chad Krizan - Madison Board Gamers

Wow! This is the most played game in my collection, and shows no signs of slowing down! Definitely will be including in my all-time favorites. Even though it appears to be a war game at first glance, M44 strikes an awesome balance between wargame and Eurogame. It also provides an interesting twist in that card play determines what order you command to your troops in any given turn. Furthermore, it's easy to learn! A complete battle can be played out in 45 minutes, including set-up, rule learning, and game play. The game is beautifully produced, as are all Days of Wonder games. The components are definitely worth the price tag; add the extreme fun value of this game and you have a game that I would even pay more for! Buy it now and see for yourself!!

Oh Pharaoh   (View Game)
   Chad Krizan
Nice little set collecting game where the players race to build the largest pyramids for the Pharaoh. Watch out for thieves though, which can knock your most valuable pyramids nearly to the ground! Lots of familiar mechanics are combined into one good little game. Recommended as a light filler in between some of the heavier games you might play.

Battleball   (View Game)
   Chad Krizan
Battleball is a surprisingly good offering from Milton Bradley in which you play as a team in a futuristic football league, trying to annihilate your opponent. The entire game is dice based, but is done very cleverly. Each type of player moves via a different type of die. Running backs roll d20, linemen roll d6, etc. On each turn you may move a player by rolling a die and moving the appropriate player up to the number of spaces that results from the die roll. Thus, running backs are very fast (rolling a d20), and linemen are slow (rolling a d6). However, when your player meets up with his opponent's player, a tackle is attempted. Both players roll the appropriate die, and the lowest roll wins the tackle. This means that running backs are very weak, while the linemen are very strong. The first person to score two touchdowns wins the game. An exciting and very fun dicefest that I highly recommend!

Clash of the Gladiators   (View Game)
   Chad Krizan
Clash of the Gladiators is a pure dicefest by the genius, Reiner Knizia, where teams of gladiators fight to stay alive in fierce battle! Each player assembles his team of gladitors by filling each of his carts with four gladiators each. A player may select from spearmen, swordsmen, shield bearers, trident carriers, and net casters, each of which give a different special ability to that particular cart. Once teams are assembled, a player will choose which of his carts of men he would like to attack with and whom he would like to attack. Players then roll dice to see who is killed off. Players score points for every gladiator they kill. In addition, once all of a player's gladiators are killed, he may play as animals such as bears and lions to score points more for himself. This way, no one is ever out of the game!

Bohnanza   (View Game)
   Chad Krizan
Bohnanza is a an offering from Amigo where the premise of the game is to plant and harvest bean fields. Plant as many like beans in each of your fields as you can, and there harvest them for money. The catch is that you must play cards in the order in which you drew them, and you may only have two bean fields at any one time! Players may also trade beans to each other; in fact, it is essential for doing well in the game. A great game a bargaining and trading that I would recommend to anyone!

Give Me the Brain (Color Edition)   (View Game)
   Chad Krizan
Give Me the Brain is a silly but fun card game from Cheapass Games. In this game you are a zombie performing tasks at a fast food restaurant. Some require you to use your brain, some do not. The catch is that there is only one brain! Throughout the game you will scramble for the brain to become the first player to complete all your tasks. Definitely fits into the party game category or for when you just want to waste some time!

Formula De *ND   (View Game)
   Chad Krizan
Formula De is an absolute blast! The object of the game, of course, is to travel around the track the fastest and win the race. This is done simply by rolling the die. The die you roll is determined by the gear you are in. The higher the gear, the further you will travel. The catch is that you must stop a certain amount of times in every corner; blowing through a corner will cost you a certain number of tire points, which you only have a limited amount of before you crash out of the race. Thus, you must carefully decide how quickly you want to attempt to negotiate each corner. Do you want to gamble on a low roll in a high gear, or play it safe and shift down a gear? A must for any race/dicefest fan!

Carolus Magnus   (View Game)
   Chad Krizan
Carolus Magnus is an unusual, but very interesting, offering by my personal favorite designer, Leo Colovini. In this game, players vie for control of islands through strategic placement of cubes. Cubes can be played in two places, either in your court, or on the islands themselves. Cubes in your court determine who controls the cubes on the islands. For example, if you have 6 blue cubes in your court, and your opponent had 5 or less blue cubes in his court, you would control all blue cubes out on the islands. After playing cubes, a player then moves the emperor. The island that the emperor lands on is then analyzed. Whoever has control of the majority of cubes on the island places a castle on it. The first player to play all of his castles is the winner. This game truly has the most interesting game mechanics I have ever seen in a game. If you like strategy/abstract strategy games, this is a real winner!

Evo   (View Game)
   Chad Krizan
Evo is a game of evolving dinosaurs by Euro Games. In this game, players have to evolve their dinosaurs to cope with ever changing climatic conditions. The evolutions are obtained by bidding against other players for them, and contain evolutions such as fur, extra legs, egg laying capabilities, etc. The player able to best keep his dinosaurs from dying emerges as the victor! A really fun game of strategy that I highly recommend!

Entdecker - Exploring New Horizons   (View Game)
   Chad Krizan
Entdecker is a great sea exploration game by Klaus Teuber, the author of Settlers of Catan. In this game you are sea explorers discovering uncharted territories. A basic turn consists of planning a route of exploration, and placing a tile in the space you wish to explore. These tiles are generally face down (it is possible to play a face up tile, it just costs more), so you're never sure what you're going to discover. If the tile is playable, you have the option of placing colonists, a hut, or a fort on it. These are very useful, since when an island is completed, the person with the largest presence on the island gets the most victory points for that island. The game ends when the board is filled and there is no more sea left to explore. This is a personal favorite of mine that I wish would hit the table more often! It definitely has a place in everyone's collection.

Drakon   (View Game)
   Chad Krizan
Drakon is a dungeon-crawl game, in which you are trying to escape an evil dragon's dungeon. The dragon has set up a "game" of sorts to decide who to let go, and who to devour. The player that is able to collect the most treasure will be released, and thus the winner of the game. There are many traps and tricks hidden in the dungeon that players can use to help themselves out, or hinder their opponents. Unfortunately, this can turn out to be a huge game of leader bashing, allowing the game to go on and on. It's still a fun game to pull out once in a while, and a good effort by Tom Jolly and Fantasy Flight Games.

Settlers of Catan Card Game   (View Game)
   Chad Krizan
The Settlers card game, obviously, is a spin-off of the ever popular Settlers of Catan board game. This 2-player game works on the same premise of the original Settlers, using resources to build cities and roads, which, in turn, give you victory points. The card game adds a few twists such as knights, and extra buildings that affect your city in various ways. If you like Settlers, give this a shot!

Venezia   (View Game)
   Chad Krizan
Venezia is a nice offering by Queen games where you vie for control of districts of Venice. In the first stage of the game, you "breed" your pigeons by placing them in a grid which represents the piazza. Then the pigeon feeders and hunters are randomly placed via a spinner in the piazza. A small game resembling checkers is then played, where players try to get their pigeons as close to the feeders as possible. Pigeons landing next to feeders "reproduce" while those landing next to hunters are killed. The pigeons gained from "reproducing" are then secretly deployed to the districts of Venice. Points are awarded to the the player with the largest presence in each district. The game is fairly confusing at first, but once you get the system down it is really quite simple. A nifty little game!

Zendo   (View Game)
   Chad Krizan
Zendo is a great game of deduction that can be enjoyed by just about anyone. I have introduced it to many of my non-gamer friends, and they just kept asking for more! The basic premise is that the "master" makes up a rule unknown to the rest of the players. The players need to figure out the rule by building structures which the master, in turn, deems as either having Buddha nature (the structure follows the rule) or not having Buddha nature (the structure does not follow the rule). The person to correctly guess the rule is the winner. This game is particularly attractive since it contains 4 complete stacks of Icehouse pieces, which can also be used to play many other games! Great job by the Folks at Looney Labs!


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