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Tsuro   (View Game)

Good, fun, easy game. All paths connect on this neat game! Follow your path but don't lead yourself to the edge or you will lose. You must go on the path laid in front of you by an opponent so best to steer clear of them. Fast play. Pretty fun.

Colosseum   (View Game)
The first time you play, it takes FOREVER to set up! Read the instructions very well! Great game because it doesn't require many players to compete directly against each other. Your goal is to get the biggest crowd at your show. Acquire actors & props to put on shows for points and gold. Expand your arena, trade with other players and play just five rounds to determine the winner. Super fun!

Phase 10   (View Game)
   Shara_33 - card games
This game can take FOREVER but we love it! Complete all ten phases to win... but if you don't complete a phase when everyone else does... you must keep attempting that phase until you DO complete it... even if everyone else has continued on. Easy to understand... but the difficulty lies in having the right cards dealt to you... luck of the draw!

Sorry!   (View Game)
Fun game- can take a while. Go around the board based on drawing cards that tell you how many spaces to move. Watch out for other players who can draw cards that cause you to trade places with them or send you back to your home! No mistaking why it is named "Sorry"!! :)

The Great Dalmuti   (View Game)
   Shara_33 - card games
Such a fun card game! You can change your stars- at least in this card game! : ) Start as scum but end up as royalty!! Fun fun fun! Play cards strategically. The goal is to play all your cards first to win the highly coveted title of "Great Dalmuti". Players fill in the lesser ranks as they finish and change to seats to reflect their class. Play is easy. Cards are numbered 12-1 with as many cards in the series as the number on the card. The player who plays the lowest card of the round resumes play for the next round. Intensify the level of difficulty by grouping like numbered cards together- play only continues if other players can play the same number of cards in a lesser number (i.e. five 12's are played, then five eights are played but no one else has five of a certain number. The player who played the five eights starts a new round).

Upwords   (View Game)
What a great twist on Scrabble! Players draw tiles with letters of the alphabet on them and create words to place on the game board. The twist that makes it easier than Scrabble is that you can place new letters on top of existing letters in a word as long as it is playable in all directions (i.e. every word affected by the changed letter still spells out a real word). Another family favorite for us!

Yahtzee   (View Game)
   Shara_33 - Dice
I love yahtzee. This game can be played by as many as you would like but is great with 3-6. Can be played by all in the family. The concept is simple. Roll the dice. Be strategic in taking points. Try to maximize your points by getting as close to the maximum as possible in each category. And, the luckier you are at rolling the dice, the winner you will be!

Cranium Tin Edition   (View Game)
Excellent game for friends whose social groups encompass intellectuals, artists, actors and otherwise well rounded individuals! Make sure you have plenty of time to play. Not great for kids under 12 in my opinion...

Barnyard Critters   (View Game)
Great for little kids! Bought this for my eight year old little brother for his birthday! Helps them exercise their memory as well as be silly by making animal noises! Fun family game!

Scattergories   (View Game)
I so love this game! What creativity it requires! Each round a new letter is chosen by the role of an alphabet dice. There are 10 items/ things on each card that you have to come up with an answer for that starts with the letter of the alphabet that was rolled. The player with the most original answers wins the round. FUN!

Boggle   (View Game)
   Shara_33 - word games
Such a fan of this game! Shake the letters up and the time yourself (and others) while trying writing words made by connecting the letters in the tray. Must be three letters or more in each word. Gain extra points based on the length of the words you find. I think it is a great game for young & old brains alike!

Blokus   (View Game)
Very fun! Strategic game good for 2-4 players that requires the ability to use all your randomly shaped geometrical pieces while attempting to cut off your opponents' paths into new territories. I never win, but I do have a lot of fun! : )

Settlers of Catan Event Cards   (View Game)
We aren't huge fans of the event cards... we like rolling the dice more than drawing cards. Does intensify the game in some good ways, however. Fun to have as an option for play.

Settlers of Catan Board Game : Seafarers Of Catan   (View Game)
Super fun extension! Takes the basic idea of Catan and adds the fun of ships & a pirate! Not a stand alone game, however. You do have to have the original Settlers of Catan.

Settlers Of Catan Board Game : 5-6 Player Extension   (View Game)
Very helpful to have this extension so more people can play! Game takes longer with the addition of two more players but you can always bend the rules to where you take all resources of where you place your first two settlements. I adore this game!

Pirate's Cove   (View Game)
Ooooh! What a competitive game! Be careful on this one! You really do get kind of angry when someone attacks you!! Yes, it is the luck of the roll of the dice, but I do not recommend playing this game unless you can keep your composure when you lose a battle! I think it is very fun... but only if you aren't playing with a jerk. Keep that in mind. Otherwise, it is really a neat game.

Ticket to Ride   (View Game)
Just learned how to play last night! LOVED IT! Just bought two- one for us and one for Christmas presents! So very easy- whole family can play, even little ones. Great with four players! Wish there were more trains, though. Draw cards that determine where you have to assemble trains. Different colored routes require different cards. Collect like colored cards and redeem to build your route(s). Allow card drawing and building on your turn to make the game go faster. FUN FUN FUN!!

Pass the Pigs   (View Game)
5 stars! EASY! Just roll the two pigs like dice. Based on how they land, you either add up points or lose everything on that turn because you 'Pigged Out'. Can be played by 2 or 20! Goal of the game is to get to 100 first... but don't be too greedy or you might just lose it all. Highly recommend. Very cheap, easily toted and provides tons of fun!

Quelf   (View Game)
What a random and yet hilarious game! Best for the young adults aged 18-30 something. Not good for shy or otherwise introverted people as they won't add much to the game unless they are willing to fully participate. First time we played, my husband had to bark at my Dad like a dog because he came into the room. Random, wacky... totally not a typical game... like Cranium in lots of ways- add a bit of charades and add even more goofiness of human creativity and there you go! Makes for some great memories!

Rook   (View Game)
This is our family favorite. Every time Grandpa comes for a visit, we get out the Rook cards. Though we have our own version, we stick fairly closely to the original rules. Plays 3 to 4 with one deck or up to 8 with two decks. A lot like the popular card game of Spades but different in that there are four colors and trump is made by the highest bidder. 120 points are possible in one deck, 240 with two. The Rook card is worth 20 points alone and is the highest trump when playing with one deck but the lowest when playing with two. The highest bidder takes the middle or "pot" or "kitty" and tries to make their hand stronger. Partners play "counters" to help their team win the round. If you do not make your bid, you go negative that same number. Example: you bid 65, you only make 60, you go negative the whole 65. VERY FUN! EASY to learn. VERY fun to make your own rules!

Quiddler   (View Game)
Takes a little while to play but is a great game for those who love word games... much like Boggle & Scrabble or Upwords but in cardgame format. Start with three cards each with a letter on it and point value... draw & discard clockwise until a player can play all three letters in one word. Each time the cards are shuffled, add a card to your deck. Once a player has put down a word, play continues for one turn so that everyone has a chance to make some points. If you cannot, you do not record any points. You cannot go negative but you do subtract points from cards you cannot play from those you can. Great game!

Pit Deluxe   (View Game)
Such a fun, fast and loud game! Good with groups of 3 to 10. Simulates the stock market trading floor. Group like cards together (wheat, barley, cocoa, corn etc.) and then trade to collect a hand full of the same kind. Two extra cards lurk in the deck, however... the BEAR and BULL. The bear is always bad! Don't get caught with it in the end. The bull can be good- used as a wild card to "PIT" or as negative 20 points if you do not PIT. Winning means you have all of one kind in your hand- double PIT with the Bull if you are one of two players who have the extra card... the two players to the left of the dealer for that round. FANTASTIC game. EASY to play!

Settlers of Catan Board Game   (View Game)
Who wants to settle? This is my favorite question! What a fun and dynamic family game! Each game is new because you set it up differently each time. It does take a little while to explain (thoroughly) to new players but it is so worth it! Place settlements strategically to earn resources based on the roll of the dice. Connect roads, purchase development cards and try to earn the most development points to win! I give this game 5 stars!


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