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Pickomino (Heckmeck im Bratwurmeck)

Pickomino (Heckmeck im Bratwurmeck) by Rio Grande Games
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Manufacturer: Rio Grande Games  Visit their site
Designer: Reiner Knizia
Players: 2 to 6
Time: 20 Minutes
Categories: Animals
Mechanics: Set Collection
Ages: 8 and up
Availability: Unavailable 
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Our Price:  $17.45 - Retail $24.95
Reward Points: 1,745
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From the Publisher...

Roasted worms are a bird’s delight. On one hand this is due to the fact that worms are the favourite dish of all poultry. On the other hand, the preference for barbecue worms is nobody else’s doing but of Johnny Rooster Roaster. His Uncle Sam, a native from Chickentown Kentucky, had the idea to open up a worm roasting house at each corner of town. Johnny didn’t hesitate to make this idea a reality and since their first days as worm-barbecue masters their roasting joints have found no lack of eager and famished customers. And the customers keep coming. All over the place, chicken folk have started to gather worms and supply them to Johnny. Whether Curry Worm, Roast’n Worm or Frankfurter Worm: poultry of all sorts are standing in line to taste one of these specialties. For Johnny and his new found business the following stands: from worm hunter to millionaire!

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Dr Matt Carlson

Worms + dice = fun. You're trying to roll dice to add up to a high value in order to buy a tile displaying some worms. Match a tile to steal it from your opponent. Most worms on your tiles, wins! Be sure to always roll a few worms when rolling, or you "Worm-Out!" (is that even a word?) A fun, accessible push-your luck game with just a hint of tactics.

Ken B.
Once you've played this you won't want to play Monopoly anymore. Great family game that will have large groups rolling dice over and over...and after, they'll ask for "one more!" Lots of light dice-rolling fun.

Daniel Cepeda
A cute little dice game, short enough to play a few times in a row, and enough depth to keep you guessing.

This is a very cute variant of Yatzee, where you are competing for grilled worms for your chickens. The theme works well very well with the children, and I love the fact that the game allows some direct interaction by stealing worm tiles from each other! Good for both children and their parents.

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