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Customer Raves
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A Game of Thrones LCG: Core Set   (View Game)
   Daniel Cepeda

My favorite game of all time! I would recommend this to everyone who likes playing games. Especially card games.

51st State Card Game   (View Game)
   Daniel Cepeda
Pretty solid game play. If you're a fan of the Neuroshima world, this is a no-brainer purchase. The game lends itself well to customization.

Small World Board Game   (View Game)
   Daniel Cepeda
Take RISK and set it in a fantasy world where elves are prissy pansy-sniffers and skeletons reproduce like rabbits and you have Small World! It's a delightful game where the only rule you really need is "2 tokens plus the number of cardboard pieces on a space."

Shogun   (View Game)
   Daniel Cepeda
With a cube tower to make your battles really surprising, this game set in fuedal Japan really keeps the entertainment going.

San Juan   (View Game)
   Daniel Cepeda
It is a good Race for the Galaxy clone (or is it vice-versa) if you don't want to be going at it for an hour.

Runebound Board Game (2nd Edition)   (View Game)
   Daniel Cepeda
The most RPG I've ever seen in a board game! The movement dice are pretty neat: they feature land icons that determine what type of space you can move into. In a "polite" group it turns into multi-player solitaire, with a race to the finish, but the conversation can be fun.

Robo Rally (RoboRally)   (View Game)
   Daniel Cepeda
This is a blast! You program your robots and watch chaos ensue! Large enough for 8 players, and the more the merrier! (Makes me wish I knew how to program robots in real life!)

Power Grid   (View Game)
   Daniel Cepeda
It has bidding, weird player orders, and little wooden houses! What more could you ask from a game called Power Plant. Well, yeah, it also has power plants, but that goes without saying. Can wind up being a tedious study in simple algebra if you try too hard...

Pickomino (Heckmeck im Bratwurmeck)   (View Game)
   Daniel Cepeda
A cute little dice game, short enough to play a few times in a row, and enough depth to keep you guessing.

Neuland   (View Game)
   Daniel Cepeda
Once you get the hang of the rules this game becomes maybe deeper than Le Havre. It's a great game, and works well even with two.

Mille Bornes   (View Game)
   Daniel Cepeda
Even after swearing off Monopoly, RISK, and Sorry, I still can't get enough of this one! A classic card game now features a cute little car-shaped card holder!

Memoir '44: Pacific Theater Expansion   (View Game)
   Daniel Cepeda
Perhaps the only expansion for M44 that only needs a base set to really shine! Also, if you have any interest in the Japanese front, this is definitely the route to go.

Memoir '44 Campaign Book Expansion   (View Game)
   Daniel Cepeda
Good if you have a few expansions for M44 already to get the whole experience.

Memoir '44 Campaign Bag   (View Game)
   Daniel Cepeda
Own any of the M44 expansions? Then get this. I suppose you could carry your game around in a shopping bag and store it on your shelves, but this makes you look cooler doing it.

Gloom   (View Game)
   Daniel Cepeda
Story-telling is a must! There's also some math for your younger gamers (and the ones in need of a refresher!!) It's gloomy and entertaining. A good lunch game.

Dust Board Game   (View Game)
   Daniel Cepeda
Like RISK but hate the ridiculousness? This is the game for you! It's also set in an incredible setting that comes out in the tiny mech pieces and mini tanks!

Dungeon Twister   (View Game)
   Daniel Cepeda
Thought mazes were too easy? Check again! This is a good simple game that can melt your brain if you let it...

Chinatown   (View Game)
   Daniel Cepeda
Area control with a Chinatown theme. You get jewelry stores, tropical fish, cleaners, and take out!

Caylus Magna Carta   (View Game)
   Daniel Cepeda
Caylus with cards. It's a shorter version that gives you the full experience. Definitely worth the money.

Cave Troll (Second Edition)   (View Game)
   Daniel Cepeda
A fun take on the dungeon-crawl concept. While not exactly a dungeon-crawl, it has all the elements: heroes, loot, and, of course, the cave troll!

Cartagena Ii (Cartagena 2)   (View Game)
   Daniel Cepeda
A simple candyland-like experience with pirates. Good for hooking your younger gamers, and also a good diversion that doesn't last too long.

Carcassonne: The Tower Expansion   (View Game)
   Daniel Cepeda
This game takes Carcassonne and makes it a much different game. Fun if you need something new.

Carcassonne   (View Game)
   Daniel Cepeda
Tile placing, worker placement/control, and a good theme: perfect balance of strategy and time. Also good for two players.

Blue Moon City Board Game   (View Game)
   Daniel Cepeda
This game works just as good with two as with four. There's plenty of strategy, and the dragon pieces are a blast!

Bang! 4th Edition   (View Game)
   Daniel Cepeda
Bang! is a great game for more players. If you have an excess of players and a lack of games, this is the one for you.

Ticket To Ride - Europe   (View Game)
   Daniel Cepeda
If you enjoyed building rails across America, get ready to try Europe! (I suppose if you don't want to build rails across America, this is also a good idea.) This game changes very little from the base game, and it's standalone to boot!

Ticket to Ride   (View Game)
   Daniel Cepeda
The game that started it all! The TTR series is great! Every one of them is a winner. In the base game, you'll be building rails across America. It has great theme, great pieces, and it's fun for all ages!

Ticket to Ride: Alvin & Dexter Monster Expansion   (View Game)
   Daniel Cepeda
A great expansion. If you're looking for a way to mix it up a bit, definitely get this expansion.

Alhambra - English Edition   (View Game)
   Daniel Cepeda
A great euro-game. Similar to Carcassonne in that you're building a city, only everyone gets to build their own. There's money management, tile placement, and enough table-talk to keep you well occupied into the night.

Alhambra Big Box   (View Game)
   Daniel Cepeda
The possibilities are almost endless! With five expansions, each containing 4 or more different ways to change the game, there is no limit to how intricate your game can be!

Agricola   (View Game)
   Daniel Cepeda
This is an excellent game! Don't let the theme fool you, this is much more than "just a farming game."

AGOT LCG: Wolves of the North Chapter Pack *nd   (View Game)
   Daniel Cepeda
For fans of the book, the game, and House Stark, this is a must-get expansion!

Call of Cthulhu LCG Core Set   (View Game)
   Daniel Cepeda
A great light LCG for people who love the mythos, or who just love card games. The artwork is very evocative, and the gameplay is simple enough to teach quickly, yet deep enough to enjoy for a long time. When you start deck building, the game is excellent!

A Touch Of Evil: The Supernatural Game   (View Game)
   Daniel Cepeda
A Touch of Evil is the horror-story equivalent of Last Night on Earth. Instead of zombies in the country, it's werewolves, and scarecrows, and vampires and the like in an old "Salem circa witch trials" towne. It's a little deeper than LNoE, and cooperative.

Cosmic Encounter   (View Game)
   Daniel Cepeda
This game is an excellent diversion for anyone who loves variable player powers, and space. With 50 aliens in the base game, it has enough replayability so that I don't think it can ever get old. The fun starts when you realize some aliens work better together than you thought at first...

Munchkin Cthulhu   (View Game)
   Daniel Cepeda
Great Munchkin spin-off! If you know any of the Cthulhu Mythos, the cards will have you chuckling throughout the game. I have noticed that my friends not into Cthulhu miss the jokes, but still enjoy the game.

Memoir '44   (View Game)
   Daniel Cepeda
This is a great game for anyone even remotely interested in WW2. Everyone I've introduced it to loves it, both online and off!


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