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Pickomino (Heckmeck im Bratwurmeck)   (View Game)
   Dr Matt Carlson

Worms + dice = fun. You're trying to roll dice to add up to a high value in order to buy a tile displaying some worms. Match a tile to steal it from your opponent. Most worms on your tiles, wins! Be sure to always roll a few worms when rolling, or you "Worm-Out!" (is that even a word?) A fun, accessible push-your luck game with just a hint of tactics.

Heroscape: Dungeons & Dragons Master Set - Battle for the Underdark   (View Game)
   Dr Matt Carlson
The last "base game" to be released (Heroscape is no longer continued.) This fun base game introduces a way to link combats to make a "campaign" of Heroscape battles, giving yet another way to play this fun strategy battle game.

Cartagena   (View Game)
   Dr Matt Carlson
Advanced, Pirate, Candyland. It's as if someone hit their head and decided to make a Candyland a gamer would be willing to play. Easy to teach, fast to play, plenty of room for tactics and strategy. A win-win all around. Did I mention Advanced Pirate Candyland?

Apples to Apples   (View Game)
   Dr Matt Carlson
If you game with a wide age range, buy this game. If you enjoy social party games, buy this game. If you're looking for a game for extended families to play together, buy this game! To play, the judge shows a card and then picks out the best submission from all the other players. The judge's rule is final. Rotate judges and repeat. If that doesn't turn you off from the game, BTG!

Incan Gold   (View Game)
   Dr Matt Carlson
A great game for a larger crowd (5-8 players) since play is simultaneous. Are you in, or out? Make your choice and see what you get. Cop out too soon and watch your neighbor get all the riches. Too late and you get nothing.

Ca$h'n Gun$ (Cash 'n Guns)   (View Game)
   Dr Matt Carlson
OK, you POINT (foam) GUNS AT PEOPLE. Do I have to spell it out? This is a great cathartic game to play with folks who love a lot of interaction. Load your gun (or use one of your many blanks), point your gun, and ask... Do you feel lucky, Punk?

Roll Through the Ages   (View Game)
   Dr Matt Carlson
I love empire-building games with technologies. I enjoy dice games, I can't believe they've combined the two into a quick, fun family-friendly game. The two are even better when combined into one! Someone should tell the Reese's people.

Ra Board Game   (View Game)
   Dr Matt Carlson
Hidden in this nice little game is a game about shopping on a budget. Playing the game well relies on finding ways to purchase needed tiles at a discount. You never know what's coming up next.

Dominion: Prosperity   (View Game)
   Dr Matt Carlson
The latest expansion to Dominion takes thing to an "epic" scale. I feel like I'm playing a super-sized Dominion... money, points, effects, they're ALL bigger. Who doesn't want more? And yet, the game doesn't seem to play any slower than before.

Dominion: Seaside Expansion   (View Game)
   Dr Matt Carlson
The double-use orange cards added to Dominion in this expansion are my favorite new mechanic so far. They make for tough choices since you sacrifice a small gain in the present for a larger gain on your next turn.

Dominion   (View Game)
   Dr Matt Carlson
I've played nearly every deck-building game out there and I still come back to the clean, well playtested beauty that is Dominion. It is the first deckbuilding style game and its smooth and balanced play remains the best the genre has to offer.

Bang!: Dodge City Expansion   (View Game)
   Dr Matt Carlson
I consider this expansion a must for anyone who enjoys Bang!. The addition of delayed green cards adds a whole new (and welcome) dimension to the game.

Bang! 4th Edition   (View Game)
   Dr Matt Carlson
Bang! is a great crowd pleaser for lightweight gamers (or teens) who crave a bit of "take that" conflict in their games. My high school club can't get enough of this game.

Owner's Choice   (View Game)
   Dr Matt Carlson
This overlooked gem is a great, fast-playing, family game with a stock market theme. The dice keep the market random, but overall trends are predictable providing players with some control. Perhaps its best point is its short (less than 30 min) playing time, so even if fate is against you, you don't have long til you can try again.

No Thanks! (English version of Geschenkt and No Merci)   (View Game)
   Dr Matt Carlson
A great card game. Easy to explain, fast to play. It opens up a world of new possible game mechanics. Players can master some strategy and improve play over their first few games.


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