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Wallenstein   (View Game)
   Tim Kennedy

I've heard this described as 'Risk on steroids.' Catchy, but it just doesn't do justice to this fantastic game where resource management, building and combat all must be juggled each turn. There are some brilliant mecahnics at work here, including the combat resolution system. Don't let the German language scare you off, secure a copy and download the necessary translations, there aren't that many, from the Geek. You will not be disappointed.

El Grande - Decennial (10 year) Edition (Expansions Included)   (View Game)
   Tim Kennedy
Simply a great game... the best area-influence game out there. (IMO) The mechanics are clean and work together seamlessly. The gameplay is tense and full of momentum shifts and hey, it comes with a cool, black tower. Great production value overall and even the rules are clear and meticulous in their presentation. Kramer is one of the best designers out there and this is arguably his best game.

New England   (View Game)
   Tim Kennedy
What's brown and green and played all over? Hiding behind the earth tones. Alan Moon's New England is a very good strategy game. There's a lot of depth to the relatively short playing time. The rules are simple and very well laid out and the components are excellent.

Ticket To Ride - Europe   (View Game)
   Tim Kennedy
The original Ticket to Ride was hailed as the ultimate gateway game, that is, the perfect way to introduce new gamers to the world beyond Monopoly. Did it fulfill this promise? Yes, at the sacrifice of complexity. The new edition is without question a meatier game. The map is tighter, there's a new mechanism for distributing the bonus route cards, and the tunnels add a nice element of randomness. This added complexity significantly increases the game's replayability yet it's still simple enough to teach to just about anyone. Like Settlers and Carcassone, this is a must have for any game collection.

Princes of Florence   (View Game)
   Tim Kennedy
Better than Settlers. Really. One part auction, one part resource management, POF is a true gamer's game. Thematically, the idea is to develop your palazzo to attract and maximize the talents of a group of artisans. Different artisans prefer different landscapes, buildings and leisure activities. These elements are auctioned off at the start of each round. The components are nice and compliment the theme. Though it can be played with 3, POF scales best with 4 or 5 when the resources are scarcest. Add it to your shopping cart. NOW.

San Marco   (View Game)
   Tim Kennedy
A good game on several levels: beautiful to look at, simple to explain, and a relatively short play time despite some agonizing decisions. The basic mechanic: one player divides the cake, the other player chooses his slice. Of course, instead of cake you're using action and penalty cards that allow to gain influence on various districts in Venice. Interestingly, I think this game plays better with 3 than 4. One small quibble. The rules have some small gaps that the Boardgame Geek largely clears up. On the whole, though, a nice addition to any collection.

Settlers of Catan Card Game   (View Game)
   Tim Kennedy
The best 2 player game available today. Elegantly maintains the basic feel of the original German board game while adding a few twists. There are plenty of ways to win which gives the game a high replay value. Not a quick game, but plenty of turn angst to keep you at the table. One warning: it will take a couple plays to become familiar with all the specific building and action cards. It's worth it.

Lost Cities card game   (View Game)
   Tim Kennedy
Always a hit with "non-gamers." Simple to pick up and quick to play. Lots of luck involved, but a great diversion nonetheless.

  (View Game)
   Tim Kennedy
Here's a game that's begging for a re-issue. One of the best auction games out there. Art theme plays well. Have seen it sell for $120 on EBAY.

Acquire   (View Game)
   Tim Kennedy
So you wanna be Donald Trump? Dive into the world of capitalism with this fun and light game. It takes 5 minutes to learn and plays quickly with enough strategy to keep serious gamers intrigued.

Settlers of Catan Board Game ; (Third Edition) *ND   (View Game)
   Tim Kennedy
If you call yourself a gamer, you must own this game. Makes Monopoly seem silly. A great introduction to German board games.

Pitchcar   (View Game)
   Tim Kennedy
This game is addictive and worth the price. Great for bringing old and young to the gaming table. Two caveats: The red rails will not stay in. Glue them and save yourself the annoyance of having them pop up during a race. Also, make sure you set this up on a VERY flat surface. If the joints are uneven, the best flick can go hurling off the track.


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