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Customer Raves
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Rum and Pirates (Rum & Pirates)   (View Game)

We've had this game for a while and hadn't played it but are glad we did! It's a light, fast game that can definitely get rowdy as you fight for bunk spaces and try to avoid 'winning' the treasure chest that has the scorpion. Avast!! Lively and will generate groans and laughs. Avast!!

Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer   (View Game)
Enjoyed this game very much. It's another deck building mechanic but it is straightforward, plays quickly, and is lighter than Dominion. It has a bit of a fighting monsters flavor like Thunderstone but not as complicated. A really good filler game.

Glory To Rome (version I.V)   (View Game)
An awesome game of strategy and many possibilities!!! If you enjoy games like Race for the Galaxy this will be a hit! I'm so glad we finally got this game!!

Railways of the World   (View Game)
Nice artwork and the new editions have fixed the color discrepancy between goods and destination cities. A good upgrade to Ticket to Ride or Trans America, depth and strategy wise. We really enjoyed this game and look forward to more expansions.

Thunderstone   (View Game)
A good 'upgrade' if you will to Dominion for those of us who like more rpg theme. Don't leave home without your torch. Just got this, played twice so far and can't wait to play more!

Colossal Arena   (View Game)
Great game in a small box! Try to keep your champions alive while killing your opponents' fighters. A good amount of screw your foes! Love the graphics and the fantasy theme.

Andromeda   (View Game)
Loved the cosmic astray mechanic to takeover satellites. I also like the trading phase mechanics, which is a little different than most games. A great medium weight game that has luck and strategy for adults and kids alike.

Roma II: Arena   (View Game)
My favorite 2 player game right now. Cards have nice artwork. Game is easy to learn and set up and combines luck, skill, and a small bit of confrontation. Playtime ranges from 5 to 40 minutes for us. I highly recommend this game for those looking for a 2 player game.

Roma II: Arena   (View Game)
Probably my favorite 2 player game. It incorporates skill, luck, and some confrontation. The artwork is very interesting and well done. A game can go anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes. Very easy to set up and learn. Highly recommended!

Pompeii   (View Game)
A great game for everyone, especially for those who want some player interaction. Just when everyone is trying to escape you can throw your opponents' people into Vesuvius! Easy to learn, plays very quickly and there are no minor technical details to fuss over.

Acquire   (View Game)
I always enjoy playing this economic game even though I rarely win. Seeing your opponents groan and seethe because you merged your hotel chain with theirs or founding their favorite chain is a source of laughs chortles for us. Ability to keep track of who bought what is a must for this game.

Cartagena Ii (Cartagena 2)   (View Game)
A quick, fun game that has elements of strategy, luck, and a bit of screw your opponents. The new card drawing mechanic can help people who seem woefully behind catch up. Our first game looked like a run a way victory for one person at first but came very close at the end. Easy for adults and kids to play together.

Goa *nd   (View Game)
A great game with a lot going on. More than 1 way to victory. Really hope they reprint it, soon.

Wits & Wagers : 2nd Edition   (View Game)
A great party game to pull out when you have lots of people. The components are good quality and the questions are great. You can learn a lot of trivia from this game but you don't have to know a lot to win, just make the right 'wagers.' A good game to play with non gamers or to wind down an evening.

Blue Moon City Board Game   (View Game)
A fun and easy to learn area control and building game. The artwork on the tiles is very nice. Definitely on my wishlist.

Lost Cities card game   (View Game)
A very easy to play 2P game that's good as a filler and to give your brain a rest from the thinking games. I love the artwork on the cards.

BattleLore   (View Game)
When I first got this I put off playing it because it seemed very complicated. However, we finally bust it out to play and it's a lot of fun! The miniatures are great and the gameplay is very easy and engaging. Highly recommend this 2 player game.

Dice Town   (View Game)
Great little dice game, the collecting of the poker hands will elicit cheers or groans depending on how many others are going for the same goals. A riot especially with bribing the sheriff. Great fun has had by all.

The Great Dalmuti   (View Game)
Easy to learn trick taking card game. Very easy to teach and a good break from all the heavier games. I made 6 hats for the GP, LP, 1stTP, 2ndTP, GD, and LD and they draw lots of laughs and giggles every time I pull them out. No score keeping and you can stop anytime.

Race For The Galaxy   (View Game)
Played 2P three times so far, why did I wait so long? I love the different paths to victory. One game I produced and consumed the next I conquered worlds. The cards are well thought out in the way they interact and reinforce each other. The art work is also very pleasing. You need to tweak your strategy depending on what cards you get and it's a blast.


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