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Customer Raves
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Industrial Waste   (View Game)
   Tim Park

A heavy economy game with kind of a dry theme, but can make for an interesting play. I'd give it a 6 or 6.5 out of 10. The production is great.

TransAmerica (includes Vexation expansion)   (View Game)
   Tim Park
A pretty light game, fairly quick and pretty fun. I'm glad to see the Vexation expansion (anyone can use any route to connect your citys in the base game, this expansion allows you to lay a couple special colored rail segments to claim a route for your own use only) being included, it took me years to come across and it adds a bit of route stealing screw-you to the game, so you can add some spice and depth from time to time. Light enough to try with non-gamers.

Chrononauts   (View Game)
   Tim Park
I love the theme of this game, but I think the mutliplayer game suffers from a couple mechanics that seem a bit tacked on. But I really enjoy the solitaire game, which dispense with the extra stuff and pares it down to the central theme of manipulating history to get back to the alternate timeline your character originates from.

Blokus - Travel Edition   (View Game)
   Tim Park
I love Blokus in general, but I think this is my favorite version. It's small, easier to get a game started when you only need two people (you can play two players on the original Blokus game by playing two colors each, but this is more elegant).

Blokus   (View Game)
   Tim Park
I discovered this game while trying to find a game gift for a youngster, tried it online to test it, and fell in love. It's great with four players, but also fun with two (either playing two colors each on this board, or in the two player edition (called both Travel Blokus and Duo Blokus)

Battlestar Galactica: The Board Game   (View Game)
   Tim Park
I initially purchased this game seeking a good cooperative experience. I didn't find it, but the sense of paranoia among the portion of players who are supposed to be working together is delicious! A well-realized theme, but the genre and length of set-up and play can make it a bit tough to get to the table with fans of lighter fare. A great game to pull for your more serious gamers.

Hey! That's My Fish! (Pingvinas)   (View Game)
   Tim Park
This was a great find, a very quick game with a surprising amount of strategy, in a form cute and light enough to engage kids! I was sad to see it isn't available here in this form, but am really considering getting the Deluxe version that is for sale here to pass on to kids as gifts.

Ticket to Ride   (View Game)
   Tim Park
I'd like to echo that this easy-to-learn game has been a great introduction to non-traditional games for a lot of my friends and family. A delightful game with a great theme, and a superb gateway game.

Pandemic On The Brink Expansion - 2013 Edition   (View Game)
   Tim Park
Some very sensible and entertaining expansions, working both within the theme and the mechanics. And you can just slip in one or two of the elements included here at a time. This really gives your Pandemic game a lot of variety. Just rotating in the roles one at a time can enliven the base game, let alone bringing in the disease variants.

Pandemic - 2013 Edition   (View Game)
   Tim Park
Not only great because of the coop nature, but I have found it a great way to introduce people to non-traditional games. I lead with this (or Carcassonne) , then pull out something meatier in future sessions.


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